Accessing the System

Timeline for the 2023 evaluation


Supervisor conducts an in-person Mid-Year (January - June 30) check-in with the employee.

Now- 9/5/23

Supervisor should review "Reports To" information of employees in OneUSG and submit PAR to update (if necessary).

9/6/23- 9/29/23

Supervisors enter the 2023 Goals that were created and discussed with the employee into the e-Performance System

1/2/24 – 1/31/24

Employee completes the Self Evaluation and submits to supervisor through the e-Performance System

2/1/24– 2/29/24

Supervisor completes annual evaluation of employee through the e-Performance System

2/1/24 – 3/22/24

Supervisor discusses annual evaluation with employee (in person)

2/1/24 – 3/29/24

Employee acknowledges annual evaluation through the e-Performance System

**Employees hired on or after July 1, 2023

will not receive an annual evaluation for 2023.**

The Annual Review Process should be completed by March 29, 2024



Supervisor and Employee Resources 

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