The Accounts Payable & Travel Office is located at Financial Services in University Center Building, entrance #5.  Our Office hours are 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 to 3:00pm on Fridays.

No, interdepartmental payments must be made via a journal entry or a Foundation check. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Documentation attached should be the original backup or invoice.  No additional copies are required.

All requisitions for purchase orders must be sent to Purchasing.  Only original invoices should be sent to the Accounts Payable Office for payment on a PO.

To request a payment on a purchase order, please attached the original invoice to the Request for Payment form and route to the Financial Services. The Purchase Order number must be referenced on the invoice.

You must ask the vendor using the Vendor Information Form. This is a common question for vendors and they should be able to provide the number with no difficulty.

First, please verify with your department that the payment request has been forwarded to Accounts Payable. Once received in Financial Services, processing time is generally five (5) business days from the date of receipt.  Please be aware that the processing time can and will vary if a vendor is new to the University as well as during peak periods including month end closing. Checks are printed daily but must be confirmed with VSU’s banking partner prior to being released to prevent fraud.

A traveler can pay the fee and be reimbursed on the online Expense Report. Also, the fee can be paid with the State of Georgia Purchasing Card. If the vendor will not accept the Purchasing Card, a request for payment can be submitted to the Accounts Payable and Travel office by completing a Prepaid Registration form. An approved Travel Authorization should be referenced.

Prior to any services being rendered a Vendor Application and a Purchase Order must be processed.  Once the services have been rendered then an invoice from the individual or business would be processed by the Accounts Payable Office via a Request for Payment form.

The most common reason that an invoice has not been paid is because Financial Services has not received the invoice.  Additionally, payment may be delayed if:
  • Department authorization is omitted
  • Supporting documentation(s) is not attached
  • The department’s expense account number is missing or incorrect OR the department's expense budget is insufficient
  • Travel Authorization has not been approved (For Travel Reimbursement Only)

Travelers can now review the status of Expense Reports online via the PeopleSoft Expense Module through Employee Self Service.
On campus personnel can inquire about the status of an Accounts Payable payment request by submitting an email to the Accounts Payable office.

Accounts Payable will place a stop payment on a check when 10 business days have passed since the check was mailed.

This process is only allowable for emergencies not exceeding $50 through University Petty Cash Funds. A tax exemption certificate must be presented to the seller.  A tax exemption certificate can be obtained from the Accounting Director in Financial Services. Complete an expense report and turn in the original receipt to be reimbursed. 

If a vendor does not accept the P-Card and the item is less than $100 you may use Petty Cash funds.  You may also use personal funds in an emergency situation and less than $50.

Items delivered to the ordering Department are not received in the Accounting system unless the Warehouse is notified.  This can result in payment delays to the vendor.