Darius Anthony, Career Opportunities
Sarah Arnett, Theatre and Dance
Diane Bellflowers, Plant Operations - Facilities Planning
Jeanine Boddie-LaVan, Human Resources
Mark Borzi, Communication Arts
Eric Callaway, Admissions
Ashley Cooper, Employee and Organizational Development
Heidi Cox, Internal Audits
Christy Croft, Admissions
Kyle Culpepper, New Media Center
Dereth (Jan) Drake, Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences
Carla Gervin, College of Business
Heidi Gonzalez, Nursing
Donna Gosnell, Chemistry
Benjamin Graham, Police
Tricia Hale, Counseling Center
Gregory Henderson, Information Technology
Chelsea Holcombe, Campus Recreation
Sandra Jones, Diversity & Inclusion
Doug Jordan, Information Technology
Meredith Lancaster, Environmental & Occupational Safety
Jamie Landau, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Benjamin Li, Solutions Center - IT
Mark McQuade, Music
Robert (Seth) Megow, Nursing
Nathan Metzner, Off Campus Programs
Gary Miller, Information Technology
Lynda Ott, Nursing
Keisha Roberts, Information Technology
Quinncy Thomas, Information Technology
Maggie Vallotton, College of Arts
Edward Walker, Management
Merritt Wall, University Advancement
Hilary Willis, Admissions
Lenora Willis, Housing