The VSU Leadership Academy is designed to cultivate our current and next generation of leaders.  This program utilizes the expertise of The Leaders Lyceum facilitators to create transformational experiences that accelerate the development of leaders to a stage of greater maturity and effectiveness.  It employs a proven methodology that leverages relevant experiences both inside and outside of work that meets leaders where they are and moves them toward where they need to be.  Grounded in empirical research, this unique approach fosters personal growth that leads to growth in others and a strengthening of relationships across campus units. This program includes important elements from  the USG Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) shown to enhance leadership potential in preparation for future higher level leadership roles. 


  • Demonstrates potential based on the USG leadership competencies; designed for high potential individuals who desire to progress or advance in leadership roles.
  •  Employed full-time at VSU and successfully completed with probation period or currently serving in an administrative position of manager or higher  (i.e. manager, assistant director, associate director, director, department head, assistant dean, associate dean, dean, etc.). 
  • Must complete the application form, supervisor support, and Your Philosophy of Leadership (this statement should illustrate your personal beliefs regarding leadership roles, models, and journey. It should be no more than two pages, typed and saved as a pdf.) by Friday, September 23, 2022.
  • Must complete the application form and submit required letter(s) of recommendation by the application deadline.

Commitment: The VSU Leadership Academy requires approximately 40 hours of the scholar’s time over a 7-month period in group learning formats, independent study, and action learning. Attendance and participation in all academy activities are required. Absences are unexcused and will result in consideration for removal from the program.  Participation in the Leadership Academy requires a commitment to all aspects of the following planned program activities.

Leadership Academy Components

Group Learning Sessions: Scholars will participate in four full-day group learning sessions focused on moving participants toward an increasing depth of personal understanding. The sessions also include intense introspection that drives growth through challenge-oriented curriculum. 

Assessments: 360° assessments will be administered during the program. Scholars will receive feedback acquired from both in and outside of work. Scholars will also participate in a personality assessment to gain in-depth understanding of personality and its influence on leader effectiveness.

Peer Mentoring: Scholars will be divided into Peer Mentoring Groups (PMGs) in class for outside of class activities. The PM sessions are designed to promote peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability. 


All sessions with be held on campus. The format for the full program include:

  • Program Orientation
  • 3-Full-day sessions, facilitated by The Leaders Lyceum
  • 6-week Application Period between each session:
    Peer Mentoring & Accountability (2 X 1-hour meetings)
  • Half-day Session & Graduation Ceremony: Facilitated by Employee & Organizational Development, along with VSU Leadership Academy alumni