Welcome to Campus Wellness

We hope you find these web pages useful as you look for programs and resources to assist you in a healthy lifestyle. VSU's wellness initiative is maintained by volunteers who serve on a University-wide committee. Committee co-chairs are elected every two years. All of our programs and resources are open to faculty, staff, and students of VSU unless a program is indicated for a special audience. Below you will find links to ongoing programs.

Campus Wellness News!

The USG Well-being program is leveraging resources to share events across USG institutions.  Stay connected with USG virtual events by visiting their website regularly. Visit the Virgin Pulse web page for free online resources as well!   

Support the Cause!

Campus Wellness tackles various campus initiatives like the Walking Trail, the Benefits and Wellness Fair, Fitness classes, and much more. We are also morphing and growing to better support the needs of our campus that align with the Health and Wellness model outlined on our About Us page. To make these events and initiatives possible, we as a committee, work with donors and grant opportunities to reach a common goal. Thus, join us on our adventure and help support the cause for a healthier VSU. 

Donate Here: http://community.valdostastate.org/campus-wellness