If you are enrolled in a participating Day1 Class below you will find a link to help you find your materials. 

Find your course materials here

Below is a video link that will explain how to access your course materials within Blazeview and opt-in/opt-out instructions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0BTzxdehcU

Pearson Opt out Message:

 If you decide to opt-out, please carefully read these required specific steps once the drop/add date has passed:

 To gain access to these Day1 course materials after the drop/add date, you must go in person to the campus bookstore and pay a higher price than the opt-in choice.  Upon payment, your name and course information will be collected and added to Blazeview 24-48 hours after you complete this process.  You will then be able to login to your materials through Blazeview.

 **Please be aware that any Pearson access code for this Day1 course purchased anywhere else outside of the process detailed above will not give you access to these specific course materials.**