Representative Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly COSA meetings
  • Serve on COSA committees
  • Work on other COSA related teams and projects

Reference the current Bylaws; Section V for Election details. Only full-time benefited classified employees (as defined by the USG BOR section 8.1.2 Classified Personnel) who have been employed full time for a minimum of six months are eligible for election as a COSA Representative. The term of service for elected Representatives is four (4) years. When an open position is available during the annual election cycle, candidates may self-nominate or can be nominated by another person.

Executive Committee Responsibilities

  • Meet monthly throughout the year
  • Empowered to act as executive body of entire COSA membership in cases needing urgent action.
  • Will consider and refer to the appropriate committee any issue that affects the general welfare of the staff.
  • Will receive and prepare agenda items for COSA

Executive Committee – Prepare Agenda

  • Items received from President of university
  • Items received from COSA committees unless Exec. majority vote refers item (s) back to the committee
  • Items received from staff representatives
  • Items received from any other person or group

Executive Committee Job Descriptions

  • Chair

    The Chair conducts all COSA meetings, confers with the President of the University, and serves as the Chair of the membership committee. The Chair serves one term after his/her term as Chair-elect, followed by a one-year term as Past Chair on the executive committee. For more information please click here.
  • Chair Elect

    The Chair-Elect assists the Chair, performs duties in his/her absence and serves as the chair of the Welfare Committee. The Welfare Committee Chair is in charge of overseeing the Retirement Walkway and Employee Recognition Committee, COSA on the Move, and the Staff Development Subcommittee. For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Chair-Elect, please click here.
  • Secretary

    The Secretary's primary duties consist of taking minutes, maintaining records, and distributing information to the COSA membership. This also includes collecting, opening, acknowledging, forwarding, logging, and processing all COSA mail and other communications as assigned. A Secretary may be elected or appointed at the discretion of the COSA membership. For more details on the knowledge needed and other responsibilities of the Secretary, please click here.
  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer may be elected or appointed and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. They disburse funds, prepare annual financial reports and budgets, and all other financial affairs of COSA. The Treasurer may also verify funds and sign completed service request forms from the Chair, Chair-Elect and Secretary before submission to printing, warehouse, central supplies, and other entities. For more information, please click here.
  • Parliamentarian

    The Parliamentarian must have knowledge and the skill of implementing Robert's Rules of Order to ensure that meetings are conducted to Robert's Rules of Order. They ensure the adherence to the COSA Bylaws as well as oversee maintenance to the COSA Bylaws in accordance with Article VIII of the COSA Bylaws. For more information, please click here.
  • Public Relations

    The Public Relations (PR) Officer is responsible for all publicity of COSA events. They serve as liaison with Valdosta State University Public Relations Office, campus newspaper, local radio stations, and other media as necessary. They prepare quarterly COSA newsletters for distribution to all VSU employees, and they must attend all COSA meetings, related conferences, and serve as a non-voting member of the COSA Executive Committee. The PR Officer shall be nominated by COSA members and appointed by the Executive Committee. For more information, please click here.