Requesting an Instruction Session

To request a library instruction session, you can either use the Library Instruction Scheduling Request Form or email Catherine Bowers at

What can library instruction do for your class?

Library Instruction will help your students learn to use the library and its resources effectively.

Students will learn:

  • How to find articles in research/peer reviewed journals.
  • How to develop search techniques for finding both books and articles.
  • How to filter and evaluate information found on the Internet.
  • How to locate materials in the library.
  • How to evaluate information sources and revise search strategies as needed.


Library instruction is tailored for your classes. A librarian will work with you to develop a library instruction session that meets the needs of your students. Depending on the requirements of your research assignment, you can select from or combine the following to include in your session:

  • Tours
  • Subject Specific Resources
  • Citation
  • Finding Government Information
  • Searching/Evaluating Websites
  • Discussions About Primary and Secondary Sources

Library Assignments

We are committed to helping teaching faculty and staff create effective library assignments. Assistance can include:

  • Identifying appropriate resources for projects and papers. You know what you want your assignment to convey; we know what the Library has available to support your teaching.

  • Placing high-demand items on Reserve. You know what you want your students to use; we can help students gain access to that information.

Working with our librarians can help you avoid:

  • Assignments that do not reflect current local resources, services, and technologies.

  • Assignments that require large groups of students to use the same source, thus creating problems with availability.


We perform regular assessment to ensure the effectiveness of our library instruction sessions.