• Parking. Accessible parking is available on the east side of the library, as well as south of the library near Pine Hall (formerly Plant Operations). For more information on accessible parking spaces on campus, visit the VSU Parking & Transportation page.
  • Building Access. There are two points of access to Odum Library:
    • North side of building: Persons wishing to enter the library on the second (main) floor may take the elevator up from the ground level and use the automatic door on the far left.
    • South side of building (Library addition entrance): A ramp leads up to the main entrance on the first floor.
  • Elevator. Wheelchair-accessible elevators are located in the original building, as well as the library addition.
  • Restrooms. All public library restrooms are accessible.
  • Maps. Maps of the library are available at the Reference Desk, as well as online.

Book Retrieval and Photocopy Assistance

  • Odum Library policy aims to ensure complete access to its public collection to all patrons, irrespective of physical limitation or challenge. Patrons with disabilities who find any shelved material difficult or impossible to retrieve should seek the assistance of library staff, who will help in as efficient and timely a manner as possible.

Campus and Web Resources

Contact Information

Please contact the Library using the contact us form if you have any questions about accessibility in the library.