Transferring between US colleges/university mean something different for international students. It does not mean transferring credits, but rather, transferring the student's immigration (SEVIS) record from one US college/university to another US college/university. 

To transfer from a US College/University to another US College/University:

  1. The student must provide a copy of the official acceptance letter, and any immigration transfer forms from the new school, to the international student advisor.
    • Students transferring to the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology and other schools that use the iStart portal, must follow the instructions listed on their website for requesting a new form I-20 from those schools. All the information that they are requesting on their website can be found on your form I-20. 
  2. The student must inform the international student advisor if they have any preferences as to when their SEVIS record will be transferred to the new school. Otherwise, the SEVIS record will be transferred to the new school at the end of their last semester at VSU. 
    • The SEVIS record must remain at the school the student is currently attending. 
  3. Once the student's record is transferred to the new school, the VSU no longer has access to their SEVIS record. All inquiries regarding their immigration status must be forwarded to the new school. 


  • A student that has transferred to a new school cannot use their form I-20 from VSU to reenter the US. They must use the form I-20 from the new school to reenter the US. 
  • A student must start their program within 5 months of their SEVIS record being transferred to the new school, or they will need a new SEVIS record and form I-20 from the new school instead.