International Undergraduate Student Scholarship Application

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*Only completed applications by undergraduate degree seeking international students who are Non-US Citizens/Lawful Permanent Residents will be considered for the International Student Scholarship application.

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  • Freshman
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  • Summer 2021
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  • List any and all of the following:

    a. All of the extra-curricular activities that the student has participated in, and the number of years you have participated in each activity.

    i. Examples of extra-curricular activities, but not limited to: student clubs, student government, volunteer work.

    ii. For individuals being recruited to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Valdosta State, participation in high school, collegiate and/or club sports will not be considered in any way as part of the application for the scholarship.

    b. All awards or honors you have received and when you received them.

    i. Examples of awards and honors, but not limited to: Academic Honors, Academic-Based Awards, Special Recognition Awards, Academic Societies.

    c. All leadership positions held and the period they were held.

  • Each applicant must provide a three hundred word personal statement. In this essay, you should describe your educational experiences and personal and professional goals. You must include information about your financial need. Please remember that the scholarship committee will use this essay as the primary criteria for awarding scholarships. This statement must be at least 300 words long. If you do not complete a statement or if your statement is too short, your application will be disqualified.
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    Instructions: Each applicant must provide at least one letter of recommendation from an official at your high school, college, or university that can attest to your academic performance.

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    Instructions: Upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts if you have not sent your official transcripts to the Admissions Office. 

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  • Examples: IELTS / TOEFL/ SAT

    Instructions: Upload a copy of any of your unofficial test scores, if you have not sent them to the Admissions Office. 

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  • By typing my full name, and clicking submit, I do attest that I have read the information and accept the guidelines for the International Student Scholarship. Further, all of the information provided by me is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate. If awarded a spot on the scholarship list (out of state tuition waiver), I agree to abide by all of the stated rules and regulations.
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