Academic units and individual faculty members who plan to submit proposals should meet with Dr. Ivan Nikolov, Director of the Center for International Programs before submitting a proposal to discuss their plans.  The purpose of this visit is to focus the project on the strategic internationalization goals of the individual unit and VSU as a whole and to discuss specifics related to the project’s delivery. Special attention will be given to budgetary issues pertaining to immigration, health insurance and salary model in the context of specific cultures. 

Proposals should be limited to five double-spaced pages. Each proposal should contain the following sections: 

1. Context

Describe the department’s or college’s interest in internationalization, achievements to date, and goals for the future. Elaborate particularly on the strategic academic and internationalization goals and objectives to which the proposed visiting scholar will contribute and how. 

2. Objectives and Role of Scholar

Specify the expected outcomes from the scholar’s contribution. To the extent possible, formulate these outcomes in measurable terms. Be sure to address such things as: 

a. Courses the scholar will be expected to develop and/or teach in a partnership with the VSU academic unit and/or partner; 

b. Research, curriculum, and professional development activities in which the visiting scholar will participate and what the nature of the scholar’s participation will be;

c. Community engagement activities beyond the department, college or university that the visiting scholar will be asked to carry out, such as conferences, visits to schools, workshops for teachers, and public lectures;

d. Cross-campus/interdisciplinary teaching, research and other collaborative activities involving more than one academic unit;

e. Feasibility of the project – make sure that the proposed budget addresses the activities mentioned in the proposal, with clear understanding of what is covered by the Brown Award and what resources are contributed by the unit.

3. Scholar Candidate/Desirable Characteristics

It is best if colleges or departments nominate a particular scholar for the position. Alternatively, they may describe the cultural/linguistic background, academic specializations, professional competencies, and other qualities of an appropriate candidate that the Center for International Programs will assist nominating. If a particular scholar is nominated, current curriculum vitae of this individual should be appended to the proposal.

4. Brown Scholar Award Funding

 A typical one-semester (four months) senior visiting scholar award is up to $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) total.  In cases when the visitor’s stay is proposed for a shorter period due to departmental reasons, this amount will be prorated monthly salary-wise.  In exceptional cases when a one academic year visit is proposed the project’s budget will be agreed on a case by case basis. Generally, the award covers the cost of the visiting scholar’s program, including salary, health insurance, benefits and reimbursement (partial or in full) of the scholar’s roundtrip transportation to Valdosta, visa, and other related expenses. Please note that actual salary for the Brown Scholar is dependent upon available funds and other expenditures within the total funding of the project. The Center for International Programs (CIP) provides free housing for the visitor in a two bedroom furnished university apartment.

Junior Visiting Scholars awards are generally limited to $6,000 (six thousand dollars). The award covers the cost of the visiting scholar’s program, including salary, health insurance, benefits and reimbursement (partial or in full) of the scholar’s roundtrip transportation to Valdosta, visa, and other related expenses. The Center for International Programs (CIP) provides university housing for the visitor with the proviso that junior scholars may be required to share the apartment with another junior scholar of the same sex.

5. Department/College Support 

Units that propose to host a visiting scholar should describe what support will be provided by the department and/or college. Specify such things as:

a. Office and laboratory accommodations that will be provided and the access that the scholar will be given to professional resources, including computer and clerical support; 

b. Describe plans for integrating the scholar into the college or department and how this integration will be sustained to assure the scholar is not isolated from campus and community life.

c. Enumerate support available to help the scholar in his or her own professional development, including access to research projects or activities and college or departmental allocations for travel by the scholar to professional meetings. 

6. Impact and Follow-Up 

Address how the college or department will build on the scholar’s contribution in further strengthening its efforts to internationalize after the scholar’s return home, including soliciting research and other academic support from external funding agencies.

Proposals should be submitted by the deadlines specified above to Dr. Ivan Nikolov at the Center for International Programs.  Notification of awards will be made by January 15 of the following year for Fall and April 15 for Spring of the next academic year.

Note: Upon arrival to VSU all scholars in J visa category must first check-in with the Center for International Programs (CIP) immigration specialists (David Starling or Irina McClellan).