COBEC (Consortium for Belize Educational Collaboration)

The Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC) was established in the late 1980s to link post-secondary educational institutions in Belize and the U.S.  for the purpose of strengthening and expanding their capabilities in higher education. In 2013 the consortium was granted the status of 501 (3) C non-profit corporation. VSU is a founding member and official site of COBEC

University of Belize 

On August 1, 2000, the University of Belize (UB) was created from a merger of five institutions: the University College of Belize (UCB), the Belize Technical College (BTC), the Belize Teachers’ Training College (BTTC), the Belize School of Nursing (BSN), and the Belize College of Agriculture (BCA). UCB, BTC and BTTC were under the supervision of the Ministry of Education (MOE); BSN was under the supervision of the Ministry of Health (MOH); and BCA was under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). In 2004, the main campus was officially moved to Belmopan City. UB now offers programs from its main campus in Belmopan, and from three other locations: Belize City campus, Central Farm campus, and from its southern campus in Punta Gorda. UB also owns and manages two marine field stations at Calabash and Hunting Caye.

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Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 

The Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the oldest higher educational institution in Bulgaria. Founded in 1888, its history is an embodiment and a continuation of centuries of cultural and educational tradition in this country.  Year by year the Sofia University has developed into an important academic and scientific centre on the Balkans, a well-developed academic institution with European dimensions. Today Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the largest and most prestigious educational and scientific centre in the country.
Its main building is situated at 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. The Faculties of Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Theology, Economics and Business Administration, and Preschool and Primary School Education are spread over several campuses around Sofia.

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Universidad de La Serena is one of the most prestigious universities in Chile. Located some 350 miles north of Santiago, Chile's capital city. Three of ULS five campuses are in La Serena. The other two campuses are in the cities of Coquimbo and Ovalle .The ULS antecedents go back to the 19th century when its predecessor institutions, the School of Mines (1888) and the Normal School (1890), were established in La Serena. At present, ULS has four faculties and an enrollment of over 8.000 students in five priority areas: teacher training and the sciences of education, arid lands studies, mining and metallurgy, young interpreters, music, food engineering and biotechnology.

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Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) is located in Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province, China, Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) specialized in agriculture with a long history, comprehensive disciplines and extensive social influences. It is supported by Anhui Provincial Government, jointly with China Ministry of Agriculture since 2011 and with China Bureau of Forestry since 2014. In 2012 it was approved by Chinese central government as one of the first ten universities nationwide to establish a Research Institute for New Rural Development, and in 2013 selected as one of the “distinctive universities with unique features” in Anhui Province. AAU now has 18 schools, with a full-time enrollment of 21,177 students, 2,597 out of whom are postgraduate.

The International School of Capital Medical University is one of the top ten Medical Schools in People's Republic of China.

ISCCMU specializes in a 6-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) undergraduate degree program which is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)  and other professional medical bodies. CCMU offers graduate programs in research and post-doctoral degrees accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). For more information on ISCCMU programs please visit: or

ISCCMU and VSU are collaborating on MBA in Health Management (MBA/HCAD) and pre-medical Bachelor of Science in Biology program concentration with the Department of Biology.

Nanjing University

In May 2002, NJU celebrated its 100th anniversary …attended by more than 25,000 alumni, together with guests from home and abroad (including 6 Nobel Prize laureates, over 120 academicians and around 100 university presidents). Seven alumni were awarded the Centennial Achievement Gold Medal. Donation from the alumni and other sources amounted to RMB139 million.

In the new century, NJU will deepen its reforms while carrying on its traditions. Aiming at excellence and innovativeness, it is headed for a world-class comprehensive research university with a global vision, and thus it will play a more prominent role in China`s rise in the 21st century. 

Shanxi College of Business, Shanxi University

 “Shanxi University is making great bids to make our motherland prosperous by developing science and technology and strong by cultivating more talents, which is the strategic focus of the government. At the historic starting point, the School will put the university’s Five Steerings Strategy into its developing practice and play an active role in Shanxi’s development, midland’s rise and the construction of a creative nation. By serving the practice of Scientific Development strategy advocated by the central government, the Economics and Business Administration School has and will enlighten people with first-class instruction, gather people with first-class education, serve people with first-class skills, attract people with first-class brand and win people with first-class development.”

Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST) is a comprehensive university located in the city of Tianjin, a 15-million city half an hour by train from Beijing. The university has two main campuses: the Hexi Campus in the city proper and the TEDA Campus in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area – the center of Tianjin New Coastal Area and the third pole of economic growth of China. There are more than 17,000 registered students at the university.

Weihai College

Weihai Vocational College is a public, the full-time ordinary institutions of higher occupation colleges. Weihai Vocational College is one of the first 28  national demonstrative higher occupation colleges. Equipped with mechanical and electrical engineering department, 10 departments, 4 technical education teaching department, 22 departments and the relevant administrative departments. 15286 full-time students, adult education students in 4900 people. Staff of 1193 people.

Yangzhou University, People's Republic of China - The city of Yangzhou is located in Jiangsu Province, one of the most economically dynamic parts of China and a center of ancient Chinese culture.

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Czech Republic

Palacky University is located in the charming Moravian city of Olomouc, one of the most beautiful areas in the Czech Republic. Palacký University offers study programs at seven faculties (colleges). The language of instruction is Czech. However, there are several programs or courses in other languages, including Medicine degree program in English.

University of West Bohemia (UWB) in Pilsen emerged in 1991 when two independent institutions, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Education merged. Today UWB is a modern institution with 9 colleges (faculties), 62 departments, 11 thousand students and over 130 programs of study up to doctoral level. UWB and VSU departments of Political Science collaborate on many issues, including research and student exchanges.

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Toulouse Business School (Groupe ESC Toulouse) has celebrated its centennial in 2004. Founded in 1903 by the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the School, one of France's prestigious "Grandes Écoles de Management", is one of France's leading integrated management schools.  TBS prepares students to assume managerial responsibilities and lays the foundation for leadership in tomorrow's business world. Note: In addition to the French, practically all courses are offered also in English. TBS belongs to a selected group of couple of dozen of business schools in the world which offer triple accreditation: by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB.

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University of Education Karlsruhe 

Founded in 1768, the Karlsruhe University of Education is an institution with a long tradition of educating teachers for primary and lower secondary schools in all school subjects. 1.2% of the students are from all over the world. The degree programs offer the students a wide range of content options with many practical applications.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences 

With around 6,000 students, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is the largest university of its kind in Baden-Württemberg. Located within the city's green belt, the campus is only a few minutes' walk from the city center. The University is a leader in the development of innovative bachelor's and master's degree programs, as well as in dual-degree programs with international partners. The University's strong ties to industry enable students to undertake integrated traineeships in commerce and industry.

Zeppelin University

A multidisciplinary university for tomorrow's decision-makers Zeppelin University is a state-recognized private institution of higher education bridging Business, Culture and Politics. Zeppelin University defines itself as an individualized, international and interdisciplinary educator of well-rounded decision makers and creative innovators in the fields of business, culture and politics, as well as a multi-disciplinary research institution exploring issues relevant to society.

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Eszterhazy Karoly College, founded in 1774, is located in the town of Egert, one of the important historical cities of Hungary. Enrollment of 11,000 students in 25 college-level and 4 university-level (graduate) programs, including courses in English for foreign students.

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Kansai Gaidai, Japan - Located in the cultural heart of Japan, Kansai Gaidai provides an excellent starting point from which to begin your exploration of a land that, by anyone's standards, is truly fascinating.

Otemon Gakun University celebrated its 120 anniversary in 2008. The university is located in Osaka. Since 1966 Okagemun offers university classes in English in five colleges - Economics, Management, Psychology, Sociology, and International Liberal Arts as for both Japanese and international students.

Tama University  

“Tama University is known for its academic rigor, its outstanding student-centered curriculum, superb faculty, and beautiful campus. It is a place where teachers and students - or students among themselves - "communicate" their burning ambitions. It is also a place where new ideas are created.”

J.F. Obirin University

J. F. Oberlin University is a private four-year university located in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo. Founded in 1946 by Reverend Yasuzo Shimizu, the university is comprised of a College of Arts and Sciences and three professional colleges, as well as a graduate division. With an enrollment of over 9,000 students, many of them from overseas, J. F. Oberlin University seeks to foster global citizens on the basis of Christian values.

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Kenyatta University, Nairobi is the leading university in Kenya.

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South Korea

Daegu Haany University was founded in 1980 in the areas of Daegu and Gyeongbuk as a future-oriented education system to train new and competent human resources capable of meeting the tasks of scientific oriental medicine and related bio-industries. The University has 5 colleges, 9 faculties and 23 departments. The College of Oriental Medicine and the College of Public Health and Welfare concern with academic disciplines in medical research and industrial profession related with bio-industries in oriental medicine; the College of Cultural Sciences includes traditional humanity sciences as well as cultural technology called for in the age of knowledge industries; the College of Business and Information focuses on the management education of human resources able to meet the demands of digital information society, and the College of Digital Information and Architecture deals with studies in the fields of digital information, media, art, architecture, and interior design.

Dongguk University was founded in 1906 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea by the Jogye Order. Dongguk remains one of the few Buddhist affiliated universities in the world. Yet its doors have always been open to students and teachers of all faiths and philosophies. Students and professors from around the globe enhance the quality of education on each of Dongguk's four campuses by bringing together dramatically diverse life experiences and cultures in a common educational mission. This prestigious university has 11 colleges and 11 graduate schools (by profession).

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Autonomous University of the Yucatan (UADY), Mexico - Located in the picturesque city of Merida, the University of the Yucatan offers you an opportunity to explore a blend of Mexican, Mayan, and Caribbean cultures.

University of Guadalajara (UdeG) is a public university based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It is the second oldest university in Mexico (founded 1791) and is one of the best universities in Mexico. UdeG has fourteen campuses, including six campuses in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

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The University of Gdansk

A popular, while selective College in the city of Gdansk, Poland. The College offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in Management, Finance and Accounting, and Computer Science and Econometrics. Post-graduate programs focus on Accounting and Finance, School of Management, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Ecological Auditing, as well as Banking, the latter being conducted in co-operation with Gdańsk Banking Academy and the Academy of Banking in Frankfurt. The beautiful campus is located near the beaches of the Baltic Sea and a brief train or tram ride from the wonderful historic city of Gdansk, where one can walk for hours amidst medieval buildings and cultural monuments. Locals will not forget to remind you that Gdansk is the home of the Solidarity movement in Poland. Convenient connections via budget airlines and ferries to Sweden, and the major cities in Europe.

VSU College of Business Administration and the Gdansk University Faculty of Management have agreed to collaborate in student exchanges.

University of Gdansk Faculty of History

University of Gdansk Faculty of Management

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Moscow City Pedagogical University - Samara is a campus of Moscow City Pedagogical University, established in 1995 as an innovative interdisciplinary institution with national leadership in such areas as school law, teaching of foreign languages, mathematics, etc. This partnership offers exchange programs in the Russian capital and in the city of Samara.

Samara State Economics University is a premier university with focus on business and economics. Serving the region for 75 years, SSEU is actively pursuing curriculum and research innovation and excellence to assist Russia’s transition towards competitive global market economy. The President of SSEU is a former Chair of the Samara Consortium for International Education Initiatives.
Samara Teachers Institute (SIPKRO) has been in existence for 70 years as a center for professional development and postgraduate education of teachers and educational administrators in the Samara region. The institution supports Russian-American professional on-line journal “Partnership through Education”, houses national school health education programs, winner of several U.S. Department of State grants. A consortium of U.S. universities joins SIPKRO since 1998 every June to deliver the traditional Russian American Summer University. (see video of VSU greeting at SIPKRO 75th Anniversary), SIPKRO is part of the Samara Consortium for International Education Initiatives.

Samara State University is a complex educational and research center and a typical example of a “classical” Russian university in the Samara region. The University participates in numerous international programs and is a founding member of the Samara Consortium for International Education Initiatives.

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance has been ranked in the past  several years as the top economics and finance university in Russia.  With 13,000 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students in 14 Colleges and 48 departments, the University offers a variety of doctoral and masters programs, as well as research and practical experiences for both business and sciences.   Established in 1930 as the Leningrad Institute for Finance and Economics, and popularly known as FINEC (from Finance and Economics), the University has cohorts of dedicated alumni throughout Russia and around the world. Currently many international students are enrolled in FINEC in programs taught in English and/or Russian, or conduct research work in its research centers and institutes.  The location of FINEC in the building of the former Assignation Bank, built in 1769 by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi, is in the historical downtown of old St. Petersburg, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. VSU and FINEC will collaborate in academic and student exchanges.

Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences is a modern university with focus on culture and arts.

Syktyvkar State University is a comprehensive university located in Syktyvkar, the administrative, educational, cultural, and industrial center of the Komi Republic in northern European Russia.

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Barcelona Business School is part of the European Business School system of Toulouse School of Business. BBS was founded in 1995 as part of the network of the French Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, an institution existing since 1883 with over 500 corporate members, including banks, financial institutions,tourism and other businesses. Located in the historical center of Barcelona, the School offers Bachelor and Master's degrees in business administration.

Facultad de Economia -IQS, the business school within Universidad Ramon Llull is an AACSB member located in Barcelona, Spain. IQS has a direct academic exchange agreement for students and faculty with the VSU Langdale College of Business and Administration. IQS offeresbusiness classes in English, which is a great advantage for the U.S. students. IQS has both undergraduate and graduate programs, the latter including both masters and Doctoral level programs.

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia is a modern comprehensive research university founded in 1971 in the city of Valencia. The mission of the university is defined as "To provide its students with an integral education through the creation, development, transfer and critical reflection on science, art and culture, whilst being respectful with ethical principles... To contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Spanish society in general, and to the Valencian society in particular.... To develop an institutional model characterised by its values of excellence, internationalisation, solidarity and efficiency; an open institution which promotes the participation of institutions, companies and professionals in every aspect of university life." 

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Wu Feng University

The Wufeng University (WFU), previously known as Wufeng Institute of Technology (WFIT), established over 40 years ago in Chiayi County, Taiwan, is a private university of technology with more than 6000 students.

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Yeditepe University in Istanbul is a large comprehensive university with well developed undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs actively involved in international student and faculty exchanges. The city of Istanbul is an exciting conglomerate of cultures, religions, languages, and opportunities for global exposure to this bridge between Europe and Asia.

Abant Izzet Baysal Üniversitesi - Located in the city of Bolu, this large comprehensive university with over 20,000 students is a dynamic place for study and research.

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Makerere University

“Makerere University is one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in Africa.

Makerere University offers not only day but also evening and external study programmes to a student body of about 35,000 undergraduates and 3,000 postgraduates (both Ugandan and foreign). It is also a very active centre for research.” - See more at:

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Vernadskyi Tavricheskii National University in Simferopol, Ukraine is a comprehensive research university with traditions in humanities, agriculture, and social studies. The University has an excellent rare books library. Simferopol is the administrative center of the Crimea Autonomous Republic, a region of predominantly Russian speakers, with representatives of many ethnic groups, the most politically active of which include Crimean Tatars, Armenians, Bulgarians, Greek etc. The partnership with this institution is led by the respective departments of political science.

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United Kingdom


University of Northumbria, England - Offering more than 200 degrees to 20,000 students, NU is renowned for the excellence of its teaching, as well as for preparing students for the world of work. Newcastle is a vibrant, youthful city full of museums, galleries, restaurants, pubs, and cafes located in northeast England.

Sunderland University, England - The origins of higher education in Sunderland can be traced back to 1860 when the School of Science and Art was founded. The University of Sunderland has more than 15,000 students, and welcomes over 1,000 international students from nearly 60 countries. A wide range of courses is offered, from diplomas to bachelors and masters degrees; postgraduate and PhD research programs. Sunderland is bounded by attractive beaches, with ready access to Northumbria; the Lake District; and the cities of Newcastle, Durham, and York.

University of Surrey-Roehampton, England - Roehampton is made up of four Colleges, which, together with the Students' Union, provide a strong sense of community. Roehampton, only six miles southwest of the center of London, is set in a pleasant environment close to parklands, gardens, and historic buildings.

University of the West of Scotland (formerly University of Paisley) - The UWS Campus is located in the heart of Paisley, Scotland's largest town. Paisley is seven miles west of Glasgow and, as such, is ideally located for access to some of Scotland's, and the world's, most beautiful and historic places such as Edinburgh, Stirling, Loch Lomond and the Scottish Highlands and Islands. With over 10,000 students, including over 700 international students, the University is an international, innovative and inclusive institution.

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Vien Dong College in Ho Chi Mingh city (formerly Saygon) is a relatively new and dynamic institution of higher education. In 2011 Valdosta State University and Vien Dong College agreed to develop a "2 + 2" program, enabling Vietnamese students to transfer to VSU after two years to complete their bachelor degrees.

Viet Nhat Language and Technology College is located near Hanoi.

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