Project Title
Aiello, Thomas History CAS Negroes Are Different in Dixie: The Scott Newspaper Syndicate and the Creation of the Civil Rights Mind, 1928-1954
Beal-Alvarez, Jennifer MSRDEd COE How do Deaf Children Tell Stories in Sign Language?
Duncan, Dean Chemistry CAS Synthesis of Organoimide Functionalized Polyoxotungstates
Grove, Theresa Biology CAS Changes in Protein Expression and Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation in the Mangrove Killifish
Liu, Chunlei Math/CS CAS Packet Relays to Improve Wi-Fi for Vehicular Environment
Price, Anne S, A, & CJ CAS The Politicization of Science: The Affiliation of Congressional Witnesses and Deciding Public Trust
Reece, Joshua Biology CAS What Explains the Strange Morphology of Hagfish
Spires, Robert MSRDEd COE Education and Migration at Human Trafficking and Development NGOs in Thailand, Cambodia, and Hong Kong
Velez-Marulanda, Jose Math/CS CAS Infinitude of Prime Elements of the Form p = x^2 + ny^2