Awardee Department College Project Title Amount
Melissa Benton Nursing Nursing BIA and Hydration $5,000
Archna Bhasin Biology Arts & Science Xenorhabdus bovienii antimicrobials $5,000
Gretchen Bielmyer
Maura Schlairet
Arts & Science
Dietary Metal Accumulation and
Toxicity to the Sea Urchin,
Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
Linda de la Garza Chemistry Arts & Science Morphology and Surface Effects on
Nanoparticulate Semiconductor Films
Larry Hilgert,
Mark Meacham,
Ruth Stonestreet
Social Work,
Communication Sciences
and Disorders

Education &
Social Work

The VSUNIVA Research
Collaborative Project on Autism
Barry Hojjatie Physics, Astronomy
& Geosciences
Arts & Science Computational Models for Analysis of
Thermal Conditioning of Structural Materials
Cui Lin Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Scientific Workflow Simulation System for
Large-Scale Workflow Scheduling
and Data Management
Chunlei Liu Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Connecting Isolated Wi-Fi Islands into
Collaborative Campus Networks
Melissa Rhinehart Sociology, Anthropolgy,
& Criminal Justice
Arts & Science Resist to Exist: Student Resistance at
American Indiana Boarding Schools
David Wasieleski,
Deb Briihl,
Mark Whatley &
Jennifer Rahman
Psychology &
Education Academic Entitlement Scale:
Construct Validation and Scale Development
Zhiguang Xu Mathematics &
Computer Science
Arts & Science Neural Network Based Wafer Surface
Reconstruction form Electron Microscopy