(Please note: the information below does not apply to Georgia ONmyLINE Programs. For Georgia ONmyLINE admission information, go to Online Programs and select the program featuring the Georgia ONmyLINE logo.)

The information below is intended to serve as a general guideline. Different programs may have different policies and requirements. For a comprehensive list of available programs and their program-specific guidelines, please visit our degrees and programs page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate School. Applicants are responsible for providing all the application materials required for admission. All applicants will be notified of the receipt of the application and supporting documents.

Admissions Classifications

General Application Materials

Application Deadlines

Acceptance/Denial of Applications

Retention of Records

Admission Classifications

Please note: not all programs accept all student types. Consult your program information page (linked here) for specifics.

  1. Regular/Probationary
    Applicants who meet all requirements for admission to a degree program may be admitted as regular or probationary depending upon test scores and grade-point average. There is no probationary admission for the MSW program, the Education Specialist or the Doctor of Education programs.

  2. Non-Degree
    Applicants who wish to take courses only for add-on certification purposes or personal enrichment, and who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution should apply for non-degree status. In addition to the application and fee, students should submit evidence of a bachelor’s degree and the medical form by the application deadline. Proof of a bachelor’s degree may include a copy of a teaching certificate, a copy of a diploma, or a copy of a transcript.

    • NOTE: Some courses may not be available to non-degree students. Prospective non-degree seeking students are encouraged to contact the department concerned on availability of courses.

    • Non-degree students who are admitted later for degree-seeking status may apply a maximum of 9 semester hours toward the degree with approval of the advisor.

    • Courses taken as non-degree will not count for Education Specialist degrees. For Doctor of Public Administration and Doctor of Education degrees, courses previously taken as a non-degree student may be transferred into a degree-seeking program of study with the approval of one's advisor.

  3. Transient

    Transient admission may be granted to students in good standing at another institution who wish to enroll for one semester at Valdosta State University. For transient admission, the applicant must provide the application, the application fee, the medical form, and the transient letter by the application deadline. Students who subsequently wish to enroll as degree-seeking students must formally apply to the Graduate School and provide all required documents.

  4. Irregular

Master’s degree applicants who have not provided all the materials required for regular or probationary admission may be admitted asirregular for no more than 9 semester hours of course work. Applicants must be admitted to a degree-granting program by the end of these 9 semester hours. Some courses may not be available to irregular students. Prospective irregular students are encouraged to contact the department concerned on availability of courses. Irregular status students are not available for financial aid - including graduate assistantships.  Note:  Irregular students may not be considered for all degree programs.  Please check with the Graduate School regarding availability.

Note: Graduate students are considered "full time" if they are registered for 9 or more hours. 

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General Applications Materials

1. Application for Admission/Readmission

The application for admission/readmission must be completed in full by applying on line at the following link: Apply On Line. All other supporting documentation must be submitted to the Graduate School.

Former VSU graduate students who have not been enrolled within the last year must apply to the Graduate School for Admission/Readmission.

Applicants who have attended other institutions since attending VSU must submit one official transcript from those institutions to the Graduate School.

2. Application Fee

Students must apply on line through the following link: Apply On Line. The non-refundable application is payable by credit card or check card.

3. Official Transcripts

One official transcript must be submitted from every college and university attended even if the courses from one school appear on the transcript of another. Transcripts of work at VSU only will be obtained by the Graduate School.

Transcripts are considered official when they bear an official seal and signature and are sent to the Graduate School in sealed envelopes.

International Students: Official transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an International Educational Evaluation Service before being sent to the Graduate School. Web site links for this service may be obtained through the Graduate School or International Programs. Fees for this service are to be paid by the applicant

4. Test Scores

Official test scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and in some cases the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) are required for all applicants seeking a degree.

Scores are considered official when they are sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, NJ, or from the Psychological Corporation for the MAT.  Student copies are not considered official.

For registration information on the GRE, the GMAT,or the MAT, or contact the Graduate School. (Note: VSU is a testing site for the GMAT - register on line at above link. The MAT is also offered at VSU - contact the Testing Office at 229-245-3878. The Sylvan Learning Center in Valdosta is a testing site for the GRE.) 

5. Medical Form

All students attending VSU courses on campus must submit the Certification of Immunization.

This form must be completed with dates of immunization, dates of the diseases, or date of the immune titer.  A signature of a health official is also required on the form.

This form MUST be completed and processed in the Graduate School prior to enrollment.

This form (page 1) is required if applying for the MPA in City Management, the WebMBA, EDS-IT and all Franchise programs. Students applying for these programs must submit page 1; complete "Student Information" [top of page 1] and check/sign second box under "Exemptions" [bottom of page 1].


6. International Applicants

Please visit the International Applicants page for step-by-step guidelines on international admission. International applicants must submit official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores, in addition to the GRE, GMAT, or MAT.

The Certificate of Finances MUST be completed in full with adequate funds for study in the U.S. before the I-20 will be issued, and the CoF must be submitted by the application deadline. For the latest Certificate of Finances, please visit our International Applicants page.

International students must be admitted as “regular” students in order to be issued the I-20. There is no non-degree status for international students.

NOTE: Official transcripts must be translated and evaluated by an International Educational Evaluation Service before being sent to the Graduate School. Web site links for this service may be obtained through the Graduate School or International Programs. Fees for this service are to be paid by the applicant.

7. Recommendations 

Several programs require three recommendations, while others require two. Some programs do not require recommendations. See program information on our web site for specific requirements or contact the Graduate School. An official recommendation form must be submitted. Letters without forms cannot be reviewed.

8. Other Materials

Other documents and forms may be required depending on each program's requirements. Please consult your desired program's page for a complete list of requirements.

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Application Deadlines

All material supporting the application must be in the Graduate School office by the application date listed on your desired program's information page .

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Acceptance/Denial of Application 

A letter from the Graduate School verifies official acceptance or denial. Acceptance is for a specific semester. Applicants wishing to change their date of enrollment should contact the Graduate School.

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Retention of Records

Applications and supporting documents for those who were denied admission, who were accepted but did not enroll, or who did not complete the application process are retained in the Graduate School for three years. Transcripts test scores, and other documents submitted without applications are retained for one year.  The Graduate School retains applications and supporting documents for seven years for students who have enrolled.

NOTE:  Valdosta State University reserves the right to verify or validate all information submitted for consideration for admission into graduate study.  Validation may include the submission of additional standardized admission test scores.

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