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First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs) provide you an opportunity to begin your college experience with other students who share similar interest and career objectives.

FLCs consist of small groups of 22-25 first-semester college students taking two to three linked courses as a group.

Each learning community is designed to ease the transition from high school to college by allowing first-year students an opportunity to acquire educational and social skills crucial to their long term academic success, through an integrated learning environment. 

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Benefits of First-Year Learning Communities


  • Meet other students with similar interests and academic goals
  • Form life-long friendships
  • Connect with peers to form study groups and increase classroom participation


  • Statistically higher first-semester GPA 
  • Each FLC has a course with a component that introduces students to a major or program at VSU 
  • Increased faculty and student interaction 

Types of First-Year Learning Communities

Major Based

Courses in these FLCs are based on the requirements for your major and/or Core curriculum requirements.


These FLCs are based on major or theme. In addition to attending classes with each other, students also live in the same residence hall.

Theme Based

Courses in these FLCs are based on the requirements for a special program, such as Honors Program or Air Force R.O.T.C.

What Former Students Have to Say About FLCs

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"I enjoy the students and professors I have met through my FLC, and everyone involved strives to be better than they were before!" - John

"I feel it has had a strong effect on my studies since I have been college. I feel I can go with full confidence to my FLC instructors if I have a problem or question." - Haley

"I enjoy being with my peers and having some people that I know are going through the same thing as me."  - David

"I enjoy the group I am with and learn better in my FLC." - Destiny

"I enjoy the people that I have met while in my FLC. Some of the people I met in my first semester FLC have turned out to be some of my best friends, one even turning out to be my new roommate! I enjoy the aspect of having multiple people who take multiple classes with me, this makes it easier to seek out peer help and its easier to get together to have weekly study groups that we have personally discovered drastically improve our exam scores in the classes we have together." - Gabriella