When you complete your Pre-Enrollment Survey prior to your orientation session (at least 2 weeks prior) you can select to join an FLC. Your advisor will register you in the FLC for your major if possible.

If you have already submitted your Pre-Enrollment Survey when you decide to join an FLC, please email uast@valdosta.edu with your name, email address, and which FLC you would like to join.

You can emal your advisor directly to request a schedule change that includes registration in the FLC for your major if possible.

We know that unforeseen circumstances can prevent students from attending the orientation for which they have originally registered. You should contact Orientation Office at orientation@valdosta.edu to re-schedule your orientation prior to the date. Students who do not their orientation and do not re-schedule for a new session, will be dropped from the FLC.

We advise that you do not register for a learning community that includes a course you may possibly receive credit for through Advance Placement or another form of examination.

If you list of the Advanced Placement exams that you took on the Pre-Enrollment Survey and select to the join the FLC for your major, your advisor will check that you are still eligible for the FLC based on your possible AP credit prior to registering you for classes.

No. By registering for a learning community you will take courses that apply towards that major and you will also be in classes with other students with the same major. You will have to go through the appropriate application process and be accepted into the program of study based on the specified admissions requirements for those programs.

No. VSU offers the First Year Experience learning communities designed specifically for students who are exploring their major options.

While we encourage students to participate in learning communities, they are not required.

No. Some learning communities have a residential component, our FLCs are also for commuter students.

Learning communities are a package deal. You cannot drop one course without dropping all of the courses associated with that learning community.

Not at this time.