The following information is included in the University System of Georgia, Academic Data Mart Data Element Dictionary, January 2007.





Entirely at a distance

Course delivered 100% through distance education technology. No site visits are required. Distance delivery.


Fully at a distance

All or nearly all of the class sessions are delivered via technology. The course does not require students to travel to a classroom for instruction; however, it might require students to travel to a site to attend an orientation or to take exams. (This is generally equivalent to delivering more than 95 percent of sessions via technology.)


Partially at a distance

Technology is used to deliver more than 50 percent of class sessions, but visits to a classroom (or similar site) are required. Note: Courses offered through two-way interactive video (GVNS), are coded as partially at a distance because students must meet at a designated location to attend classes.



Technology is used to deliver 50 percent or less of class sessions, but at least one class session is replaced by technology.


Technology enhanced

Technology is used in delivering instruction, but no class sessions are replaced by technology.


No technology

No technology is used in delivering instruction.