BlazeVIEW Guides

  1. 24/7 Help Center
  2. Quizzes/Question Library
  3. Categories
  4. Gradebook
  5. Uploading Files
  6. BlazeVIEW Logout
  7. Notifications Tool
  8. Discussion Reply Default
  9. Search Bar
  10. Clear your Web Browser's Cache Regularly
  11. Composing Assignments
  12. Content Readability
  13. Do I access BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW for my courses?
  14. Backing up Grades

Tip #1:  24/7 Help Center

Users of BlazeVIEW now have access to a 24/7 Help Center. If you’re having trouble using the new system or need a question answered late at night you can call on the Help Center TOLL FREE - 1-855-772-0423. The Help Center offers the quickest way to resolve issues related to BlazeVIEW right when you experience them, even if it’s in the middle of the night!

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Tip #2: Quizzes/Question Library

When making quizzes, it is better to build your questions in the Question Library first, then add them to the quiz. The Question Library is the best way to organize your questions. You can create folders and organize questions by in various ways other than just by the quiz that they are in. This creates a question bank within your course from which you can pull questions into multiple quizzes.  Using the Question Library is also a necessary step in order to create randomized question sections within quizzes. So by having all your questions in the Question Library first, you are already prepared to create random sections at any time.  

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Tip #3: Categories

In all tools, use categories whenever possible. This keeps your data neat, organized, and opens up additional abilities. For example, in the Grades tool, categories not only help you to break your grades down into workable units, but they also add subtotals columns to the grade book. This allows weight to be automatically evenly distributed among grade items.  Using categories in other tools, such as Content and Discussions, permits you to release entire units at once, instead of releasing items individually.  

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Tip #4: Gradebook

When entering grades in the Enter Grades screen of the Gradebook, pressing the Enter/Return key allows you to move one cell down.  This allows you to enter multiple grades at once by just typing on your keyboard instead of needing to click with the mouse after every entry.

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Tip #5: Uploading Files

When uploading a file to BlazeVIEW, it is good practice not to use any special characters (e.g. @, $, %, \, *)  in a file name. Although it may accept some characters, the system will often times not accept special characters.

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Tip #6:  BlazeVIEW Logout

When exiting BlazeVIEW, be sure to click the Logout link AND close the browser window. This is especially important if you are using a public computer.

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Tip #7:  Notifications Tool

Using the Notifications tool is a great way for students to keep up with classes. Instead of just having to log into a course to see News items, you can configure your Notifications to send you News and News updates as emails or even as text messages!

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Tip #8:  Discussion Reply Default

The reply option in the Discussion tool defaults to reply with the original text in the reply. To change that, from your Home screen:

  • Select Preferences under My Settings
  • Select the Discussions Tab
  • Uncheck:  "Include original message text in reply" from the Reply Settings option

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Tip #9:  Search Bar

If you want to simply view all items when using the Search bar in BlazeVIEW, you can leave the bar blank and click search. The displayed results will be every entry that you have access to. This is a great way to look for those items whose names you are not certain of.

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Tip #10: Clear your Web Browser's Cache Regularly

Clear your web browser's cache regularly, especially before starting a quiz. Check out this website for instructions on how to accomplish this on your browser of choice.

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Tip #11: Composing Assignments

Compose assignments using software such as Microsoft Word, then copy & paste the text or attach the document to the assignment. If you attempt to write a lengthy paper within the Dropbox Tool you may time out or lose your internet connection and lose your work. Lost compositions are NOT recoverable.

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Tip #12: Increase Size of Content to Improve Readability

There are a couple of ways you can increase the size of content in BlazeVIEW to improve readability:

  • Use the Preferences tool in BlazeVIEW to increase the system font size. This only increases the size of system fonts, it does not increase the size of icons and other graphics or user-created content.
  • Use an assistive technology or browser that supports zooming. This increases the magnification of the entire page.
  • Use a screen magnifier to magnify a portion of the page, such as the area around the cursor. Many users like screen magnifiers because they preserve the layout of the page, but allow you to focus on the content in a specific area.

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Tip #13: Do I access BlazeVIEW or GoVIEW for my courses?

If you are taking a VSU online course you access via BlazeVIEW. If you are taking an eCore collaborative online course you access via GoVIEW.

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Tip #14: Backing up Grades

Below are the steps for how to backup your grades.  We recommend completing these steps during the semester before and after each major assignment and also at the end of the semester. 

Grades may be downloaded as a CSV file.

  1. Click Grades.
  2. Click Enter Grades if not selected.
  3. Click Export Grades.
  4. Review the Export Options, and select/deselect items as appropriate.
  5. Review the Choose Grades to Export options, and select/deselect items as appropriate.
  6. Click Export to CSV.
  7. A popup will appear, click the exported grades file to download.

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