BlazeVIEW Guides for Instructors

Here you will find BlazeVIEW guides and resources to empower and assist faculty members in creating engaging and dynamic BlazeVIEW content.

  1. BlazeVIEW Gradebook
  2. Creating Assignments in BlazeVIEW
  3. Creating Quizzes in BlazeVIEW
  4. Creating/Adding Content in BlazeVIEW
  5. Setting Up A Gradebook

BlazeVIEW Gradebook

BlazeVIEW offers a gradebook system for keeping track of student performance. Taking a few minutes to set up your gradebook at the front end of your course can save you a lot of time when grades come due! Additionally, once your gradebook is created, it can be copied into new course shells and edited to fit the adjusting needs of your courses. Use gradebook to track not just student performance, but class attendance, club/organization participation, etc!

Below, you will find detailed guides for a Points gradebook versus a Weighted gradebook. Additionally, review the Gradebook Setup Wizard Planner to assist in creating your first gradebook, or download this learning on-demand tutorial for Setting Up A Gradebook.

Points Gradebook Instructor Guide

Use the points system when you want the maximum points assigned to a grade item to be equal to its contribution to the final grade. View the points gradebook example below:

Points gradebook example featuring categories and specific items

Weighted Gradebook Instructor Guide

In a weighted gradebook, grade items and categories are calculated as a percentage of the final grade worth 100%. Category weights will equal 100%. Assignment weights equal 100% of that specific category. View the weighted gradebook example below:

Weighted gradebook example featuring categories, weights, and items

Gradebook Setup Wizard Planner

Use the Gradebook Setup Wizard Planner to assist in developing your gradebook in BlazeVIEW. The Planner walks you through the choices and settings available in the Gradebook Setup Wizard.

Creating Assignments in BlazeVIEW

BlazeVIEW offers an assignment tool for collecting and assessing student work. The assignment tool allows instructors to grade with rubrics, assess various file types and medias, and run originality reports on student work!

View the detailed instructions below and create your own assignments in BlazeVIEW!

Creating Assignments in BlazeVIEW

Creating Quizzes in BlazeVIEW

BlazeVIEW offers a quiz tool so that you can assess your students and measure their mastery of learning objectives in a course. Replete with a quiz library, dozens of question types, and timing options, you will be able to create quizzes to suit every need.

View the detailed instructions below and create your own Quizzes in BlazeVIEW!

Creating Quizzes in BlazeVIEW

Creating/Adding Content in BlazeVIEW

The Content tab in BlazeVIEW will house all of your instruction, from ppts and pdfs, Web2.0 tools, BlackBoard Collaborate/Ultra sessions, and more! There are unlimited things you can include in the content tab to ensure your students are receiving engaging and rigorous instruction.

View the detailed instructions below and create your own Content in BlazeVIEW!

Creating/Adding Content in BlazeVIEW