The Faculty Excellence Awards began in 2004 and represent the highest honor given to a Valdosta State University faculty member. Faculty members are eligible to receive one of four awards of excellence in advising, professional activity, service, and teaching.

Excellence in Teaching

2004:   Dr. Wayne Plumly

2005:   Dr. Selena Nawrocki

2006:   Dr. B. Jay Rickman, III

2007:   Dr. Stephen Childs

2008:   Ms. Catherine Schaeffer

2009:   Dr. Sanjay Gupta

2010:   Dr. Lai Chew Orenduff

2011:   Dr. Kathleen Lowney

2012:   Mr. Gardner Rogers

2013:   Dr. Mark Groszos

2014:   Dr. Maren Clegg-Hyer

Excellence in Professional Activity

2004:   Dr. Richard Vodde

2005:   Dr. Michael Baun

2006:   Dr. J. Mitchell Lockhart

2007:   Dr. Richard Amesbury

2008:   Dr. Jane Whitehead

2009:   Dr. Barry Hojjatie

2010:   Dr. William James Loughrey

2011:   Dr. Raymond Young

2012:   Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer

2013:   Dr. Jim Nienow

2014:   Dr. David Williams

Excellence in Service

2004:   Dr. Randy Wheeler

2005:   Dr. Carol Mikkelsen

2006:   Dr. Michael Meacham

2007:   Dr. Fred A. Ware, Jr.

2008:   Dr. Nanci Scheetz

2009:   Mr. Michael Schmidt

2010:   Mr. Duke Guthrie

2011:   Dr. Mary Ellen Dallman

2012:   No Award Given

2013:   Dr. Martha Leake

2014:   Dr. Gina Doepker

Excellence in Advising

2005:   Mr. Al Park

2006:   Dr. JoAnn Bass

2007:   Dr. Barbara Stanley

2008:   Dr. Bruce Caster

2009:   No Award Given

2010:   Dr. Byron Brown

2011:   Dr. Tonja Root

2012:   No Award Given

2013:   Dr. Jay Rickman

2014:   Dr. Sonya Sanderson

Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning:

2014:   Dr. Maura Schlairet

Excellence in Online Teaching

2014:  Dr. Anita Ondrusek

In 2015, the University System of Georgia adjusted the awards cycle at the system level. At that time, VSU took the opportunity to update its awards criteria and awards, so no awards were presented in 2015. Beginning in 2016, VSU inaugurated the new Presidential Excellence Awards