March 6, 2023

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

VSU Honors 162 Employees for Dedication to Blazer Nation

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University is excited to celebrate faculty and staff loyalty and longevity this spring.

“Valdosta State University is a special place, and while our front lawn, palm trees, and Spanish architecture are all among a long list of reasons so many love our institution, it is our people who truly make the difference,” said Dr. Richard A. Carvajal, university president. “Thank you to each of these difference-makers for investing in Valdosta State and our students. VSU is a special place because of all of you.” 


Academic Affairs — Martha Leake
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Karen Shepard


Academic Affairs — Sudhir Goel
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Wanda Stracener


Academic Affairs — Jane Kinney and Steven Taylor
Athletics — Debra Wisenbaker and Herbert Reinhard
Finance and Administration — Daniel Coody


Academic Affairs — LaGary Carter, Sanjay Gupta, Russell Hoff, Richard Peterman, Karin Roland, and Theresa Thompson
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Cheri Tillman, Andrea Butler, and Neal Culbreth
Finance and Administration — Anthony Bryant, Steve Cline, Carlos Davis, Shannon McGee, Latissua Scruggs, and Catherine Wills
Information Technology — Isaac Barton


Academic Affairs — Luis Bejarano, Michael Black, Blaine Browne, Zulal Denaux, Christine James, Peggy Moch, James Pate, Timothy Reisenwitz, and Maria Springfield
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Shauna Branch and Sabrina Daniels
Finance and Administration — Michael Fontaine, Jennifer White, and Amanda Williams


Academic Affairs — Katharine Adams, Elvan Aktas, Mandi Bailey, Susan Bailey, Lantry Brockmeier, Emily Cantonwine, Cori Crews, Timothy Fort, Deborah Hall, Eric Howington, Lucia Lu, Karen Noll, Kyoung-Im Park, Sheila Peacock, Rebecca Petrella, Cristobal Serran-Pagan, Robin Smith, Nancy Swanson, Donald Thieme, and Beth Whitmer
Advancement — Amelia Reams and Janet Wade
Athletics — Gregory Guilliams
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Linda Giles, Carla Jordan, and Holly Wright
Finance and Administration — Collie Alexander, Matthew Barfield, Cassandra Bethea, Susan Jones, Michael Knight, Will Leschber, and Vanessa Williams
Information Technology — Wesley Babcock, Penelope Croft, and David Pulliam


Academic Affairs — Lorna Alvarez-Rivera, Sarah Arnett, Shaun Ault, Susan Blakenship, Ruth Brandvik, Jason Brown, Matthew Carter, Roy Copeland, Jeffrey Cox, Nicole Cox, Tommy Crane, Jamil Davis, Steven Downey, Dereth Drake, Herbert Fiester, Barbara Fontaine, Gary Futrell, Angelica Gannon, Heidi Gonzalez, Matthew Grant, Jonathan Krispin, Roger McIntyre, Talley Mulligan, Melissa Nolley, Denise Sauls, Grazyna Walczak, Colin Walker, and Candace Witherspoon
Advancement — Jason Mosley and Quinn Vallotton
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Ingrid Joiner, Cecilia Pierce, and Theresa Watkins
Finance and Administration — Wesley Brooklin, Vonnie Griffin, Caleb Reid, Shaddarius Wolfe, and Shannon Zapf
Information Technology — Nicholaus Clinite and David Golden
Office of the President — Paul Leavy


Academic Affairs — Nicole Alemanne, Joshua Brown, Benjamin Harper, Taralynn Hartsell, Levy Hiers, Chia-Ling Ho, Nandan Jha, Jason Jowers, Ilke Kardes, Mark Kasper, Mary Marshall, Crystal Miller, Angelo Nicolosi, Samantha Powell, A.J. Ramirez, Rebecca Reynolds, Patricia Robertson, Brian Sowa, Margo Watts, and Kadir Yalcin
Athletics — Stephen Andrew and Jay Johnson
Enrollment and Student Affairs — Darius Anthony, Utara Bailey, Talisha Braswell, Emily Heruska, Frank Mervin, Breanna Rollins, and Tanja Rouse
Finance and Administration — Bruce Culbreth, Angelia Davis, Linda Graham, Marley Holcomb, James Kent, Chandler King, Shelby Lamar, Shawn McDonald, Leonard Mittelstadt, Jonathan Schultz, Tracy Stanton, Cassandra Washington, and Veraleen Wright
Information Technology — Joshua Bass, Cathy Sowa, and Ellida Stout
Office of the President — Rosemary Sirmans