September 28, 2022

VSU Statement on Hurricane Ian

We are continuing to closely monitor the track of Hurricane Ian. The newest update from VSU’s Department of Public Safety indicates an improved forecast for VSU, Valdosta, Lowndes County, and South Georgia. Ian’s track continues to move farther east and away from Valdosta, and expected rainfall locally from Ian is now estimated at about two inches with the chance of tropical storm force winds dropping to 12%. 

Based on this update, VSU plans to remain open with normal campus operations for the remainder of the week. We will update the campus with any changes as we continue to closely monitor the situation. 

For those who have family that are impacted in the Florida region, please consider staying here until the storm has passed. Local emergency agencies discourage outside visitors to storm-impacted locations until after all is clear. We advise you to wait and talk with family before making any decisions to visit storm-impacted areas. We are concerned for you and your family. If you are in need of support services on campus, please visit Student Affairs in the Student Union.  

For employees, we are also aware that Lowndes County Schools will be closed Thursday and Friday and Valdosta City Schools will be closed Thursday ahead of the previously scheduled Fall Break that starts Friday. Employees who are impacted due to school closures may be permitted to work remotely with prior approval from their supervisor. If work cannot be completed remotely, use of leave will be required.   

We recognize that we have students and employees who either live outside of the county or who have families in the areas that will be impacted by this storm. Therefore, we encourage our entire campus community to monitor the situation and make the best decisions for their own personal safety.