February 25, 2022

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

VSU Honors 162 Employees for Dedication to Blazer Nation

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University recently celebrated faculty and staff loyalty and longevity during its 2022 Service Recognition Reception.

“What an honor it is to be a part of Blazer Nation,” said Dr. Richard A. Carvajal. “To those who have served and continue to serve our wonderful institution, I am incredibly thankful to you all. Your commitment to our students is unwavering, and you are changing lives every day.”

The following employees were each recognized with a certificate and commemorative pin. Employees with 25 years of service received an engraved silver platter, employees with 30 years of service received a personalized clock, and employees with 35 years of service received a framed university watercolor print.

35 Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Bradley Bergstrom 

30 Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Andreas Lazari and William Loughry

• University Advancement — Sage Merwin

25 Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Michael Baun, Mark Blackmore, Honey Coppage, John Elder, Suzanne Ewing, Brian Gerber, Karla Hull, Chuck Kicey, James LaPlant, Richard Peterman, Deborah Robinson, Daniel Smith, and Susan Wehling

• Division of Athletics — Angela Colbert

• Division of Finance and Administration — Ramona Wing

• Division of Information Technology — Jeremy Scott and Dwayne Trouille

20 Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Luis Bejarano, Can Denizman, Teresa Doscher, Mark Groszos, Guifen Mao, Christopher Meyers, Selena Nawrocki, Kenneth Ott, Katherine Raess-Young, Steven Scheuler, Michael Schmidt, David Starling, Serina Taylor, Paul Vincent, and Marty Williams

• Division of Athletics — Jennifer Grubbs

• Division of Finance and Administration — Ronald Butler, Jennifer Crane, and Steve Fesler

• Division of Information Technology — Jason Gaskins and Ralph Gosnell

• Division of Student Affairs — Loretha Copeland and Wendolyn Nathan

• Division of Student Success — Teresa Lohr

15 Years 

• Division of Academic Affairs — Jennifer Betts Barfield, Laura Carter, Attila Cseh, Frederick Downing, Cecilia Furey, Theresa Grove, David Kuhlmeier, Sean Lennon, Jemal Mohammed-Awel, Ofelia Nikolova, Ericka Parra, Michelle Ritter, Emily Rogers, Todd Royle, Tolulope Salami, Joshua Wallace, and Renee Whitmer

• Division of Athletics — Kelli Fields

• Division of Finance and Administration — Shawn Bennett, Michael Blanton, Billy Brown, Philip Foster, Barbara Graham, Selensia Holmes, Yvonne Leroy-Landers, Ray Sable, and Thomas Tarwater

• Division of Information Technology — Benjamin Li and Kanan Simpson

• Office of the President — Lisa Snipes

• Division of Student Affairs — Nicole Foster and Brian Roberts

• Division of Student Success — Wendy Butler and Terence Sullivan

10 Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Sebastian Bartos, Fleming Bell, Marie Bertsch, Tracy Burch, Cristina Calestani, Eric Chambers, Kendric Coleman, Dean Duncan, Weimin Feng, Alexandria Focsan, Anne Greenfield, Craig Hawkins, Thomas Hochschild, E-Ling Hsiao, Luke Jones, Heather Kelley, Deborah Marciano, Crystal Marshall, James Martinez, Darlene Myers, David Nelson, Dorothy Nickell, Michelle Ocasio, Shirley Roberts, Shirley Serini, Sandra Trowell, Rudo Tsemunhu, and Theodore Uyeno

• Division of Finance and Administration — Kathryn Baker, Diane Bellflowers, Philip Calkins, Shantina Carter, Ashley Cooper, Gregory Gary, Beauregard Grogan, Donald Hampton, Peter Holloway, Marlene Marlow, and Wayne Thomas

• Division of Information Technology — Wade Bugby and Adrian Taylor

• Office of the President — Anita Bosch

• Division of Student Affairs — Elaine Darity and Lynette Hepburn-Richardson

• Division of Student Success — Daniel Oppel

• Division of University Advancement — Guy Ervin and Jessica Pope    

Five Years

• Division of Academic Affairs — Tammie Bonanni, Samaria Bulemu, Evelyn Davis-Walker, Linda DeCarlo, Nicholas Harris, Levy Hiers, Dana Jack, Brenda Kelley, Hoa Nguyen, Kathy Nobles, Kelley Parker, Samira Rampley, Matthew Roehrich, Julene Smith, Ryan Smith, Julia Stokes, Gwendolyn Thomas, Sherry Turner, Maggie Vallotton, Jamie Workman, Tina Wright, and Laurel Yu

• Division of Athletics — Claire Guilliams

• Division of Finance and Administration — Christopher Brown, Tobias Edwards, and Rebecca Leatherberry

• Division of Information Technology — Jacob Humes and Brian Truter

• Office of the President — Justin Arrington, Heidi Cox, and Vince Miller

• Division of Student Affairs — Sandra Jones and Davy Shaw

• Division of Student Success — Megan Hancock and Nick Harrison

• Division of University Advancement — Merritt Wall

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