November 13, 2020

A Letter From the Vice President for Student Affairs

Greetings Blazer Students, 

We are nearing the end of the Fall Semester, and that is exciting to think about. There are 7 days left of face-to-face classes after today, a break for Thanksgiving, a flex week, and then final exams. There is a little normalcy when thinking about the holidays and final exams, but I hope we all recognize the realities of the COVID pandemic are not normal. The number of positive cases in the US has risen day-by-day and our campus community is not immune nor are we isolated in a bubble.  

  • We MUST continue to mask up and social distance – even in your close friend groups.  
  • Pay attention to early symptoms of COVID and get tested.  
  • When asked to isolate or quarantine – follow that guidance!  
  • When asked to provide the names and contact information of people you have been in close contact with – comply!

I know COVID fatigue is setting in. With all the safety guidelines and protocols in place, it’s been a challenging semester to navigate. We are all tired. But I want you to think about how far we’ve come-together. In just 12 days, we can say we accomplished our goal: having students, faculty, and staff on campus for the entire semester. How great is that? 

However, our challenge continues. We must remain vigilant in these last few weeks of the semester and while at home for the holidays. It is tempting to let our guard down around family and friends, but the CDC says that is why COVID numbers are spiking nationwide. It’s not just spreading at massive gatherings: small events such as dinner parties, game nights, sleepovers, and carpools are also helping spread this disease.   

Let’s continue what has gotten us to this point: wear your mask, social distance, clean and disinfect, and limit group gatherings.  The CDC announced this week that wearing your mask will protect you as well as the people you are around. This means that masking up is more important than ever. You can read more about the new CDC stance here: 

My hope is for you to thrive as we end the semester, enjoy the long holiday break, and stay healthy and safe. Please make your health a priority. I look forward to seeing you back on campus for an exciting Spring 2021 semester. 


Vincent A. Miller, Ed.D.

Vice President