June 7, 2018

VSU Ignites Student Education with Expanded Summer Program

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s Summer Ignite Program is introducing new components to ensure participants not only have access to quality higher education but also have the resources to succeed long after the program ends.

The Summer Ignite Program, taking place throughout June and July, is designed for students who wish to attend VSU but did not meet the requirements for regular admission. Participants live on campus and take eight credit hours of academic classes over seven weeks. With the help of the campus community, participants will have an opportunity to become fully admitted students at VSU upon successful completion of the program. 

This year’s program will expand beyond the official end date in July.

“In the past, the Ignite Program ended at the conclusion of the summer term,” said Beverly Cribbs, coordinator of VSU’s first-year programs, including the Summer Ignite Program. “This fall we will have social and academic programs designed specifically for Ignite students. We will continue holding community meetings throughout the fall as a way to maintain student connection and engagement. 

Ignite students will also have the opportunity to remain in their same residence hall throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. 

“We believe in these students’ potential,” Cribbs said. “That’s the foundation to this program. We want these students to succeed here at VSU. One of our big goals is making sure the students have the resources they need to flourish throughout college and beyond.”

Resources for students during the Summer Ignite Program include mandatory tutoring sessions, social activities that help them bond with each other and VSU faculty, workshops on time management and study skills, and more. Students are able to gain confidence in their academic abilities and learn how to transition seamlessly from high school to college using the many academic and social resources that VSU offers. 

The Summer Ignite Program is also developing a mentoring program that will allow participants to learn from VSU faculty during their college years. Program leaders also hope to establish a peer-mentoring program between successful Ignite students and local high school or middle school students. Such efforts reflect VSU’s commitment to increasing student retention, creating experiential learning opportunities for students, and enhancing impact in the region and beyond. 

“Ignite students may get overlooked because they’re not strong in math or English, but they have other strengths and talents that they bring to the table,” said Dr. David Nelson, associate professor of communication arts who teaches Ignite students. “They’re more than a test score. They’re people, and this program allows them to blossom and grow.

“I think what this university does best is it provides opportunities for people. Ignite provides that next step so students can continue their education. It’s exciting.” 

Courses for the Summer Ignite Program include VSU 1101: Keys to College Success; COMM 1100: Human Communication; and a choice between ENGL 1101: Composition I or MATH 1111: College Algebra. Successful completion of the program requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and a grade of C or better in all courses.

The Summer Ignite Program is invitation-only. Visit www.valdosta.edu/summerignite or contact Beverly Cribbs at (229) 245-4378 or bcribbs@valdosta.edu to learn