September 29, 2017

VSU Now Offering Master of Science in Exercise Physiology

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University is now offering a Master of Science in exercise physiology. The degree program requires 33 credit hours, which includes either a thesis or an internship.

The Master of Science in exercise physiology, offered through the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, integrates an advanced scientific study of the biological, physiological, and rehabilitative medical sciences as they relate to physiological responses to exercise and other aspects of human health.

This includes instruction in muscular and skeletal anatomy; molecular and cellular basis of skeletal muscle contraction; substrate utilization; systemic physiological responses to exercise; fatigue and exhaustion; muscle and body training; physiology of specific exercises and activities; physiology of injury; and the effects of disabilities and disease.

“In an undergraduate exercise physiology course, you have to leave out a lot of the details because students can’t process the information that quickly,” said Dr. Michael Webster, associate professor and graduate program director of exercise physiology.

“At the graduate level, it’s a lot of the same general topics but at a much more advanced level. We drill down quite a bit deeper into the mechanisms of how these things work.”

The Master of Science in exercise physiology will prepare students for a variety of jobs, such as an exercise physiologist for a hospital or clinic, a strength and conditioning coach for college or professional athletics, a wellness director for a corporation, or a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist.

Webster said the degree could also be used as a stepping stone to doctoral programs in physical therapy, medicine, and exercise physiology.

“There’s a high demand for exercise physiologists right now. It’s one of the fastest growing job markets,” he said. “This degree will prepare students for the real-world setting and make them as competitive as any other program around.”

Students pursuing the Master of Science in exercise physiology will encounter a small student to teacher ratio, brand new facilities with state-of-the-art electronic classrooms, and well-supported teaching and research laboratories. VSU also places a premium on quality teaching through hands-on experience and individual faculty interaction.

The Master of Science in exercise physiology typically takes three to four semesters to complete. A student is not required to have a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology to enroll in the master’s program, although some prerequisites apply.

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