June 14, 2016

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

VSU Welcomes 653 High School Students for Governor’s Honors Program

VALDOSTA — Sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, the 2016 Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) will kick off Sunday, June 19, with 653 rising juniors and seniors from public and private high schools across the state moving onto the Valdosta State University campus. The summer residential enrichment program will run through Saturday, July 16.

“At Valdosta State University, we value our partnership with the Governor’s Honors Program, a 32-year tradition of excellence,” shared Dr. Cecil P. Staton, interim president of VSU. “Valdosta State is often referred to as the hidden gem of public higher education in Georgia. GHP, however, allows some of our state’s best students to experience firsthand our world-class facilities and wonderful faculty and staff. We look forward to a great summer with GHP students on our campus.”

“The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement is proud of this partnership with Valdosta State University and is excited to continue the tradition of providing such an excellent, historic program to our Georgia students this summer,” said Ricky Parmer, GHP director. 

Georgia’s best and brightest will spend four weeks living and learning at VSU, acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become independent, life-long learners from some of the state’s most talented educators and professionals. They will attend classes in the mornings and afternoons and participate in a wide variety of social and instructional opportunities in the evenings, all designed to help mold them into the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement received thousands of applicants for the 2016 Governor’s Honors Program. Students began the process with a nomination from their teacher in a specific instructional area where they demonstrate special abilities, aptitudes, and interests — agricultural science, communicative arts, world languages, mathematics, science, social studies, dance, music, theater, visual arts, and engineering. Transcripts and records, nomination forms, endorsements, essays, and other pertinent information were submitted to substantiate the nominations. Semi-finalists were sent to statewide screening interviews or auditions. Finalists were selected and notified in March.

The Governor’s Honors Program accepts less than one-half of one percent of eligible high school students. It is designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year.

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