May 26, 2016

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

Malynda Dorsey, Assistant Director of IT Services, Division of Information Technology

Art Rinberger Named a Top 10 Developer at International APEX Dashboard Competition

VALDOSTA – Arthur “Art” Rinberger, applications coordinator with Valdosta State University’s Division of Information Technology, was recently recognized as one of the top 10 developers that competed in an international APEX dashboard competition.

The competition challenged application developers from across the world to showcase their talents in building impressive, interactive dashboards using sample data provided by the organizers. Rinberger’s dashboard submission provided data visualizations for several countries based on population, age distribution, lifespan, and other factors.

“Valdosta State University has become well known for our dashboards and data visualizations within the higher education domain, and I am proud to be a part of the team that develops them, but this competition was a chance to have my personal work judged on an international stage,” said Rinberger. “The judges are well known within the APEX development community as thought leaders and cutting-edge developers in their own right, so to have them review my work was intimidating and I almost did not believe it when I was notified that my entry had placed in the top 10. It was very rewarding to have my work validated by them.”

Rinberger added that the competition also allowed him to expand and hone skills in application development.

“When I enter a competition, I know that the other entrants will be putting forth their best effort, just as I will, and many of them will have skills that I have not developed yet,” Rinberger said. “That thought motivates me. It makes me want to try new tools, learn new things, and experiment with new ways of working. The experience and knowledge I gain from competing translates directly into improved and expanded skills that I can apply to my every day work assignments.”

Rinberger manages the design and development of several enterprise applications used daily among students, faculty, staff, and administration at Valdosta State. These applications pull complex data into solutions that are aesthetically appealing and convenient to help users increase academic and business productivity and efficiency with ease. Over the years, he has contributed to several key projects, which include but are not limited to the data warehouse, competency-based education, Digital Measures, and the Success Portal.

“VSU’s Division of Information Technology has a culture of innovation and excellence,” said Brian Haugabrook, chief information officer at Valdosta State. “Our IT experts and leaders are among the best in higher education and frequently receive awards and recognition. The VSU community and I, myself, are very fortunate to have IT staff like Mr. Rinberger and others. This competitive spirit pushes us to be better each day while delivering innovation to support our No. 1 priority – student success.”

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