March 24, 2015

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

Tamelonie Thomas, Student Assistant

Blazer Shuttle Express Offers Advertising Opportunities

VALDOSTA  — Valdosta State University‘s Office of Parking and Transportation is now offering advertising opportunities to on-campus and off-campus departments, organizations, and businesses. The ads will be featured inside specially designed internal displays on Blazer Shuttle Express buses.

Blazer Shuttle Express is the transportation system used by students, faculty, and staff at Valdosta State University to navigate around the campus. The buses have two routes that transport passengers to areas on and surrounding the campus.

Advertisers will have the ability to make their brand and message visible to over 3,500 students, faculty, and staff who utilize the Blazer Shuttle Express each day, according to the Office of Parking and Transportation. The transportation system served an estimated 1 million passengers in 2014.

Advertisements must be laminated, 10 3/8 inches tall, and 24 inches long to fit the slots on the buses.

The Office of Parking and Transportation is now accepting orders from advertisers and materials will be displayed on the shuttles immediately.

Arian Bryant, transportation supervisor, can be reached at or (229) 259-5163 for information about available rates and plans.

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