August 5, 2014

Yvonne Landers selected to serve on USG Staff Council Executive Board

VALDOSTA — Yvonne Landers, associate to the vice president for Finance and Administration, has been elected to the executive board of the University System of Georgia Staff Council (USGSC).

The USGSC was established in 1994 and serves at the request of the University System of Georgia (USG) chancellor and according to the USGSC website “…participates in the process of the University System of Georgia governance by advising, recommending, and consulting with the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee(s) concerning the establishment of policies and procedures.”

In addition, the USGSC addresses local issues and concerns of classified staff employees at each of the 31 USG institutions and forwards the system-wide concerns to the USG.

Landers has served on VSU’s Council on Staff Affairs (COSA) for seven years and held various executive positions, including treasurer and chair.

“COSA’s mission is to serve as the voice of VSU’s staff,” said Landers, who began working at VSU in 2006. “COSA seeks to promote a positive and collaborative work environment to assess, prioritize, and to communicate staff needs. COSA also represents the interests of and issues impacting staff and is fostering relationships through policy advocacy and community involvement.”

Landers said COSA is working on numerous projects, including a proposal to extend the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to spouses and children of VSU faculty and staff. In addition, COSA is working to facilitate a campus-wide wellness culture by encouraging the participation of university employees in health and wellness programs and activities.

For more information on COSA, visit the website