June 2, 2014

Eddie St-Vil Wants to Help Students Succeed in College

VALDOSTA – After graduating from the University of West Florida with a degree in legal studies and pre-law Eddie St-Vil wanted to take his career options in a different direction.

He came to Valdosta State University to work on a master’s in higher education with an emphasis in student affairs to fulfill his desire to help students succeed in life.

“I chose the program here at VSU because it was an opportunity to be closer to my family and get my education paid through a graduate assistantship,” said St-Vil, who is from Naples, Fla. “I have truly enjoyed my experience with the higher education leadership program at VSU. Each course is strategically selected and designed to emphasize the crucial aspects facing higher education.”

He owes his success in earning a master’s degree to the encouragement and guidance he received from his higher education faculty and the structure of his courses.

“I have most enjoyed the courses that were discussion based,” said St-Vil. “I believe that through the exchange of dialogue I have been able to improve my communication skills, self-confidence, and expand my knowledge base.”

St-Vil completed an internship at Cornell University sponsored by the Association of College and University Housing Officers- International. During the summer internship, his responsibilities involved serving as the primary conduct officer, where he investigated, adjudicated, and provided sanctions to students violating campus policies. He also presented educational training to students, staff, and colleges about enforcing campus rules.

“The experience at Cornell has helped me tremendously, especially in finding my true passion for student conduct,” said St-Vil. “I feel that student conduct should serve as a learning experience and it is through this internship that I was able to relate with students and encourage them to make positive decisions.”

St-Vil is going to work at Louisiana State University as the policy and process coordinator and plans to continue his education and work on a doctorate in higher education.