May 19, 2014

Will Ruttercutter: Encourages Non-Traditional Students to Embrace Higher Education

Will Ruttencutter, a recent graduate of Valdosta State University's Adult and Career Education Program, with his wife Gwen. 

VALDOSTA – When the housing market decline hit South Georgia a few years ago, Will Ruttencutter and his wife, Gwen, of Barney, took it as an opportunity to pursue their degrees.

“I have been a builder for most of my life,” said Ruttencutter. “When business slowed down, it gave me a chance to go back to school.”

Ruttencutter’s wife had already begun to take courses on campus and her instructors in the Department of Adult & Career Education allowed him to sit in on a few of them before he enrolled.

A non-traditional student himself, Ruttencutter chose to pursue a degree in adult and career education – a field that focuses on how adults learn.

“The program provided me with a great foundation for higher-lever education,” said Ruttencutter. “The courses drew me into it and there were some really neat professors in the program as well.”

On May 10, Ruttencutter received his Bachelor of Science in Education in workforce training and development.

“VSU has been a wonderful and enlightening experience for both me and my wife Gwen as non-traditional students,” Ruttencutter said. “She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in workforce education & development from VSU, and is now pursuing her Ph.D in educational psychology from the University of Tennessee. From here, I plan to get a master’s degree as well, and teach English and creative writing at the community college level.”

For other non-traditional students, Ruttencutter provides the following message: “Simply don’t be afraid of going back to school. VSU is a beautiful university and provides coursework that is tailored to adult learning.”