May 6, 2014

VSU Holds Sixth Annual Graduate Symposium

VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University hosted its sixth annual Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Symposium Friday, April 25.

“The symposium was a tremendous success,” said Dr. James LaPlant, interim dean of the Graduate School. “We had a grand total of 43 poster presentations by graduate students.  Graduate students presented research pertaining to work in the laboratory, classroom, archives, studio and field experiences.  The poster presentations also reflected the exceptional student scholarship underway across our campus on theses and dissertations.”

LaPlant added that this year’s event showcased its first music performance as part of the symposium.

“The music performance, featuring graduate students from Brazil, as well as several of the poster presentations highlighted the innovative research and scholastic achievements of our international students in graduate programs,” said LaPlant.

Presentations included:

College of the Arts

Communication Arts

Rafiah Jenkins
“The Real Housewives of Atlanta Series and the Angry Black Woman Stereotype”
Dr. David Nelson, faculty mentor

Juhaina Soares and Kathryn Kirkpatrick
“African Americans and Advertising: An Analysis of African American Depictions in Ebony Magazine Ads from 1960-1998”
Dr. Larry Etling, faculty mentor


Daniela da Cruz
“The String Quartest of John Calvitt Huxford: A Performance Edition”
Dr. Kenneth Kirk, faculty mentor

College of Arts and Sciences


David Arancibia
“Significant Sex Ratio Fluctuations were not Observed in the Mussel Guekensia Demissa During Starvation Treatment”
Dr. Cristina Calestani, faculty mentor

Sean Earley
“Longterm Photosynthetic Pigment Trends Show Similar Primary Producer Communities in Times of High and Low Anthropogenic Impacts on a Mesotrophic Sinkhole Lake”
Dr. Matthew Waters, faculty mentor

Kameron Farrow
“Population Genetic Study of E. Okefenokee and E. Evergladei in South Georgia”
Dr. John Elder, faculty mentor

Samreen Siddiqui
“Accumulation and Sublethal Responses of the Sea Anemone, Aiptasia Pallida, after Exposure to Copper Oxide Nanoparticles
Dr. Gretchen Bielmyder, faculty mentor

Sydny Bryan
“Game Day Meets Election Day: Sports Records, Election Results, and the American South”
Dr. James LaPlant, faculty mentor

Katherine McGuire
"A Mixed Methods Study of Data Integrity Teams at Postsecondary Institutions”
Dr. Viviane Foyou, faculty mentor

College of Education and Human Services

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Lauren Duncan
“The Relationship Between the Speech Volume of a Patient with Parkinson’s and the Proximity of Listeners”
Dr. Susan Miller, faculty mentor

Kimberly Helms
“Implementation Of Vocal Hygiene Programs into Beginning Teacher Orientation”
Dr. Mary Gorham-Rowan, faculty mentor

Brianca Holloman
“Can Lumosity Increase Cognition/Memory in Adults?”
Dr. Ruth Renee Hannibal, faculty mentor

Abby Killough
“Vocal Misuse of Elementary School Educators: A Survey”
Dr. Mary Gorham-Rowan, faculty mentor

Barbara Lee
“The Effects of Delayed Auditory Feedback on Spasmodic Dysphonia”
Dr. Matt Carter, faculty mentor

Catherine Palumbo
“Maternal Autoimmune Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Their Offspring”
Dr. Lynn Adams, faculty mentor

Jynielle Wells
“Effects of The Masako Maneuver on Velopharyngeal Closure”
Ms. Melissa Carter and Dr. Mary Gorham-Rowan, faculty mentors

Natalia Gurina-Zakrzeski
“Foreign Accent, Comprehensibility, and Intelligibility in the Speech of Second Language Learners: Comparing Speaker and Listener Perceptions”
Dr. Mary Gorham-Rowan, faculty mentor

Curriculum, Leadership and Technology

William David Beeland, Jr.
“The Effects of Various Early Learning Experiences on the Academic Achievement of Rural Elementary School Students: A Quantitative Study”
Dr. Ellen Wiley, faculty mentor

Allan Celik
“Using Telepresence to Enhance Instructional Design”
Dr. Lee Grimes (Psychology), faculty mentor

Meagan Ellis and Katie Colip
“Growing Towards Unity: A Cultural Audit of Valdosta State University”
Dr. Travis York, faculty mentor

Tamera Dunn
“Sexual Attitudes as Predictors of Homonegativity in College Women”
Dr. James Archibald, faculty mentor

Neil Harrow and Kathleen Hemphill
“Reviewing Student Acts of Incivility in Higher Education”
Dr. James Archibald, faculty mentor

Michelle Jordan
“Graduate Assistantships: Education or Indentured Servitude”
Dr. Travis York, faculty mentor

Heather Powell
“Epistles of a Writer: A Case Study of Writing Instruction in Middle Grades”
Dr. Lorraine Schmertzing, faculty mentor

Early Childhood and Special Education 

Dana McDowell
“Impact of Teachers on Prekindergarten Outcomes”
Dr. Janet Foster, faculty mentor

Mary Beth Sebring
“Effectiveness of Student Grade Retention”
Dr. Janet Foster, faculty mentor

Library and Information Science

John Freeman
“How Targeted Marketing Impacts Access Ideals: An Analysis of John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Winners from 2009 To 2013”
Dr. Linda Most, faculty mentor

Samantha Paul
“Reaction to Conceptual Changes in the Library Profession: An Analysis of the LIS Literature”
Dr. Anita Ondrusek, faculty mentor

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Jorden Clements
“Conceptualizing Sport Coach Mentoring: A Proposed Definition and Theoretical Model”
Dr. Matthew Grant, faculty mentor

Haley Smith
“Perceptions of Health and Physical Education and Early Childhood and Special Education Majors Towards Individuals with Disabilities”
Dr. Sonya Sanderson, faculty mentor

Luke Vargo
“Compression Garments as a Performance Aid for Continuous Exercise: A Meta-Analysis”
Dr. Sonya Sanderson, faculty mentor

Marriage and Family Therapy

Tabitha McCoy, Amber Albritton, and Kamala Glenn
“The Role of Religion in Committed Relationships”
Dr. Jennifer Lambert-Shute, faculty mentor

Middle, Secondary, Reading and Deaf Education

Cindy Durden
“Effects of Incorporating Online Learning in Fourth and Fifth-Grade Math Classrooms”
Dr. Dawn Lambeth, faculty mentor

Erin Overby
“Effects of an Inverted Classroom on Math Achievement”
Dr. Dawn Lambeth, faculty mentor

Psychology and Counseling

Shelby Byrd
“An Investigation of the Relationship Between Goal Orientation, Academic Achievement, and Academic Dishonesty Among College Students”
Dr. Jennifer Branscome, faculty mentor

Adam Coffey
“An Examination of the Relationship Between Adaptive Narcissism, Maladaptive Narcissism, and Social Networking Site Behaviors”
Dr. David Wasieleski, faculty mentor

Alicia Wong
“Hours of Deliberate Practice: Do Grittier College Football Players Show Increased Gains on Performance Tests?”
Dr. David Wasieleski, faculty mentor

Social Work

Megan Black
“Can Attending Nursing Home Support Group Sessions Offer Solace to Aging Individuals Experiencing The Loss Of A Loved One?”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor

Caitlin Connolly
“Single Subject Research Design on the Effectiveness of Interventions on Adolescent Self-Esteem”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor

Megan McDaniel
“Behavior Modification Through Anger Management Therapy and Praise”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor

Taylor Hageman
“Increasing Memory Retention and Level of Relaxation by Utilizing Music Therapy with Alzheimer’s Patients”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor

Abigail Smith
“Effectiveness of Play Therapy with a Non-Verbal Child to Decrease Negative Classroom Behaviors”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor

Nicole Wasdin
“Managing Hospitalizations and Suicide Risk in Adolescent Mental Health”
Dr. Hanae Kanno, faculty mentor