April 28, 2014

Erica Even, Student Assistant

David Monetti Awarded for Going the Extra Mile

VALDOSTA — Dr. David Monetti, professor of educational psychology at Valdosta State University, recently received the Extra Mile Award from the Valdosta Boys and Girls Club, where he was recognized for his dedication to volunteering.

“I was incredibly honored to win the award and I am really thankful for all the amazing community volunteers who are at the club,” said Monetti. “These people are providing professional mentorship and adult guidance that children in the modern world so desperately need. “

Monetti began volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club during the fall of 2013 by helping with grant proposal writing and technical assistance. He also provided some writing support for the Valdosta Boys and Girls Club’s 70th anniversary celebration, which featured Gov. Nathan Deal as the keynote speaker.

“Service to others is a big part of what defines Valdosta State,” said Monetti. “My colleagues here at VSU have been excellent role models for the importance of service to our community.”

In his academic field, Monetti focuses on teaching in the modern classroom, and his volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Club helps support the educational mission of the organization.

“The kids at the Boys and Girls Club are awesome. They are smart and talented,” said Monetti. “I hope the children of the club continue to see the importance of education, health, and fair play to their future and continue to take advantage of each and every opportunity the club provides.”

Monetti praises the educational objective of the Boys and Girls Club for providing a safe and supportive after-school environment as well as educational summer program opportunities that build on what was learned during the school year.

Students who utilize the Boys and Girls Club’s after-school and summer educational programs have found the programs beneficial to their academic success.  According to the 2013 Valdosta Boys and Girls Club annual report, 95 percent of the students were promoted to the next grade level in school, 87 percent improved at least one letter grade in academic subjects, and 96 percent were absent less than 15 days. High school students in Brooks County participating in the Boys and Girls Club had a 100 percent graduation rate.

“For me, the Boys and Girls Club has always symbolized the chance to give a young person an opportunity for life success that can match their awesome imaginations,” said Monetti.

Contact Dr. David Monetti at dmmonett@valdosta.edu to learn more.

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