March 4, 2014

Tori Baldwin: Helping Students Enjoy Campus Life to the Fullest


VALDOSTA--Living on campus and having the opportunity to become fully immersed in college life is something Tori Baldwin enjoys about Valdosta State University.

“The best part of living on campus is having the opportunity to meet a wide range of diverse individuals,” said Baldwin. “Between the students, resident assistants, and staff, I would say that every person I have come to meet has been absolutely wonderful.”

Baldwin became a Langdale Hall Council representative fall 2013 and elected treasurer for the hall council. The following year she was elected secretary of the Resident Hall Association executive board.

“I love working within Residence Hall Association because I know that my hard work creates a positive influence on each resident’s campus experience,” said Baldwin, who received the Emerging Student Leader award at the Georgia Residence Hall Organization’s annual conference. “I also enjoy the team of members and advisers that we have on the executive board. We all push each other to work at our potential, and we have become like a family this past semester.”

Baldwin not only stays busy with her work as a resident assistant and college classes, but she also finds time for her work as a Student Government Association (SGA) senator and community work.

Serving as a senator on the SGA student affairs committee, Baldwin works with other senators to research and understand the needs of all VSU students. This year she started the NEDA Walk that serves as a fundraiser and awareness walk for the non-profit National Eating Disorder Association.

“The purpose of this community walk is to raise awareness of eating disorders within our local community and show support and care to those who are currently experiencing the disorder or have recovered,” said Baldwin.

Giving back to the community is important to Baldwin and she believes that volunteering greatly enhances a person’s life.

“I believe giving back to the community is important for everyone because volunteering or helping out can greatly influence another’s life positively,” Baldwin said. “I also think that when an individual gives back, it can also change their personal life for the better as well.”


Meet Tori Baldwin

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

High school: Valdosta High School

Expected Graduation: Spring 2016

Degree Objective: Business Management.

I chose to attend VSU because…VSU is close to home so I could still stay in the Valdosta area.

My favorite faculty member is…As a first-year student, I have not had the chance to meet a decent amount of faculty members. That being said, my favorite individuals that work on campus would have to be the resident hall advisors, directors, and the some of the housing staff. They have provided with me with many opportunities and I am extremely appreciative for the chance to enhance my campus involvement.

My favorite class is…One of my Freshman Learning Community (FLC) perspectives classes. Experiences in Communication Arts with Ms. Ashley Myers was a fabulous class to attend because the environment was engaging and very entertaining. Ms. Myers is one of those professors who encourages everyone to participate by using up-to-date and interesting lessons and class projects.

My favorite part of VSU is…The amount of opportunities to become a part of the campus. There are a vast number of student organizations and leadership positions that are offered and are applicable to a diverse campus population.

If I could spend an afternoon with anyone, I would spend it with…Demi Lovato. Demi is an amazing singer and actress who has greatly influenced the life of her fans. As an individual, she worked very hard to overcome her personal battles and succeeded to show that life does get better. Spending a day with her would be amazing and I believe it could help my life in the long run whenever I go through personal struggles."

Three words that describe me: energetic, modest, and dedicated.

My favorite childhood memory is…Christmas each year because this holiday in particular was always a wonderful and cheery experience growing up. Family and Faith are two of the most influential aspects of my life and I enjoyed every chance I spent with loved ones on holidays.

The biggest supporter in my life is…My biggest support in life comes from my religious belief in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I take responsibility for all my actions and plans in life, but ultimately, I believe that God has a plan set out for me to live, learn, and love as I follow His plans for my life journey.