February 3, 2014

CISO Bill Moore Featured as Guest Columnist in CIO Review

VSU Chief Information Security Officer William “Bill” Moore

VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University Chief Information Security Officer William “Bill” Moore was recently featured as a guest columnist in CIO Review, a technology magazine that focuses on enterprise solutions that help redefine business goals and achievements.
In Moore’s two-page article, titled “Leveling the Playing Field,” he explores how organizations work with third-party service providers to ensure continued growth and innovation during budget cuts.
“With the decrease in consumer purchases, companies often turn to Information Technology to offer innovative goals for either cost reduction or more attractive services,” said Moore. “Unfortunately, the rapid demand for creative changes outpace the abilities of IT’s infrastructure to react, plan, purchase, implement and test before moving these services into production, thus enter cloud-based services.”
Often times, organizations utilize cloud-based services offered by outside companies to help meet the demands for creative changes.  With this in mind, Moore offers tips for creating a checklist to be used while purchasing services. The checklist includes commitments between the organization and the service provider that ensures support as well as protection and security of information.  
Moore elected to create such a checklist at VSU. The list provides requirements to consider during the review of contracts with third parties.
“Jeanne Severns from Internal Audits worked with me to create the initial checklist," said Moore. "This was and has been a multi-departmental effort to benefit the entire campus and an example of how both of our departments strive to improve the campus. It has become easier to identify those software providers that simply offer their services as a hosted solution and those providers that are committed to offering their services as a solution. By requiring the same services and commitments from all providers, I believe we are leveling the playing field for all 'As a Service’ providers and providing more comparable services to those our own IT department is measured against.”

Moore mentioned CisionPoint, a company that provides public relations software solutions, as an example of a "relatively easy contract" due to the checklist. CisionPoint is used by the Office of Communications to stay abreast of new media contacts and the latest trending topics.

To read Moore’s full article, visit http://www.cioreview.com/magazine/Leveling-The-Playing-Field-HIKR363158496.html .

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