January 31, 2014

University Establishes Behavioral Intervention Team

VALDOSTA--Valdosta State University has expanded its focus on campus safety with the formation of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).  

According to Tom Hardy, director of Housing and Residence Life and BIT co-chairman, the BIT is an expansion of what was previously referred to as the Threat Assessment Team, which was established in 2008. 

With additional training through Crisis Management International and National Center for Higher Education Risk Management, BIT members are ready to broaden their scope of responsibility to the campus community. 

“The BIT team is here to help, and making a report is quick and can be anonymous,” said Hardy. “We are not out to get anyone in trouble. We are mainly looking for pieces to put together as a group to a larger puzzle and try to prevent escalation of behaviors that could lead to violence.” 

The BIT has representatives from Academic Affairs, Counseling Center, Housing and Residence Life, Human Resources and Employee Development, University Police, and Student Affairs. 

According to the BIT website, “The Behavioral Intervention Team helps individuals and situations that could be potential threats to the safety/security of the VSU campus community. The team evaluates these individuals and situations using appropriate intervention guidelines to minimize the likelihood of violent occurrences.” 

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