October 9, 2013

Erica Even, Student Assistant

Dr. Jay Rickman: Faculty Excellence in Advising

Dr. Barney "Jay" Rickman

VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University’s Dr. Barney “Jay” Rickman was honored with the 2013 Excellence in Advising Award.

Rickman is a professor of History and a director of undergraduate studies for the History department. He is currently in his 24th year of teaching at VSU.

Rickman was also honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2006 making him the first VSU faculty member to receive two Excellence Awards.

“I felt very humbled upon receiving the award because I know there are many people at VSU who, like me, work hard to make sure our students successfully adjust to college life and graduate from VSU on time,” said Rickman. “I appreciate the recognition by VSU for my investment of time in advising students.”

While at VSU, Rickman has been involved in the Freshman Learning Communities and the Faculty Senate, including two years as executive secretary. He also helps to draft the department course schedule for each term, which he started doing in 2001.

Rickman’s technique in advising goes beyond class scheduling to an individualized plan of study for each separate advisee based on the courses taken and the courses they need to graduate. Rickman said that by developing this method he was able to spend more time mentoring students on career choices and helping them to focus on their long-term goals at VSU.

In addition to advising, Rickman has been highly active in teaching History at VSU. His interests are in U.S. History, in which he teaches a freshman history course and courses on foreign policy and the Vietnam War.

“Studying the past is important because it helps us understand the world in which we live,” Rickman said. “Whether we like it or not, society is not a blank slate—the way society is today is in good part dependent on what has happened in the past.”

Outside of the classroom Rickman enjoys reading, exercising and being with his wife and two children.

The Faculty Excellence Awards recipients were recommended by a faculty committee that represents every college and division of VSU. The recipients were chosen from candidates who had already received top honors in their respective departments and colleges.

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Contact Rickman at bjrickma@valdosta.edu.