August 22, 2013

University welcomes new faculty

VALDOSTA—Valdosta State University welcomes more than 70 new faculty members to campus. The new faculty members participated in various orientation sessions before the start of classes on Aug. 12.  The sessions introduced faculty members to the university’s technology system, registration and advising, and overall campus structure. New faculty will have an opportunity to participate in ongoing training and professional development throughout the academic year.

Below is a list of new faculty members:

College of Arts & Sciences

Math and Computer Science

Mr. John Corbett, Temporary Instructor
Ms. Poulomi Ghatak, Temporary Instructor
Ms. Anna Lane, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Jason Loew, Assistant Professor
Ms. Ernestine McCall, Temporary Instructor
Ms. Brenda Morgan, Temporary Instructor
Mr. Benjamin Wescoatt, Assistant Professor


Dr. Joshua Reece, Assistant Prfessor
Mr. Prafull Shah, Temporary Instructor


Dr. Mryto Drizou, Assistant Professor
Ms. Sarah Dwyer, Lecturer
Dr. Ubaraj Katawal, Assistant Professor
Ms. Mary Murphree, Temporary Instructor


Ms. Stephanie Hinnershitz, Assistant Professor 

Modern & Classical Languages

Dr. Karen Acosta, Assistant Professor
Ms. Edris Brannen, Lecturer
Ms. Mariya Chakir, Lecturer
Dr. Kelly Davidson, Assistant Professor

Political Science

Dr. Neena Banerjee, Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicholas Fowler, Assistant Professor
Ms. Bridgett King, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Greg Rabidoux, Temporary Instructor

Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

Dr. Anne Price, Assistant Professor
Dr. Shelly Yankovskyy, Temporary Assistant Professor

Dewar College of Education and Human Services

Adult and Career Education

Ms. Amy Williams, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Shirley Diane Wright, Assistant Professor

Communication Science & Disorders

Ms. Melissa Carter, Instructor
Dr. Theodore Johnson, Associate Professor
Dr. Katherine Lamb, Assistant Professor
Dr. Crystal Randolph, Assistant Professor

Curriculum Leadership & Technology

Mr. Michael Bochenko, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Daesang Kim, Assistant Professor
Dr. Travis York, Assistant Professor

Early Childhood & Special Education

Ms. Carolyn Gish, Instructor
Ms. Nancy Sartin, Instructor
Dr. Festus Obiakor, Dept. Head and Professor


Mr. Jeremy Bauer, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lee Grimes, Assistant Professor
Dr. Natalie Spencer, Assistant Professor
Ms. Natalie Wright, Assistant Professor

Kinesiology & P.E.

Dr. Eugene Asola, Assistant Professor
Mr. Herman Burge, II – Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach & Lecturer
Dr. Han Chen, Assistant Professor

Middle, Secondary, Reading & Deaf Education

Dr. Jennifer Beal-Alvarez, Assistant Professor
Ms. Deborah Paine, Assistant Professor
Dr. Robert Spires, Assistant Professor
Dr. Regina Suriel, Assistant Professor

Social Work

Dr. Monique Busch, Assistant Professor
Ms. Shameka Cooley, Instructor
Dr. Phillip Dybicz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mizanur Miah, Dept.Hd/Professor

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Ms. Lois Bellflowers, Temporary Instructor
Ms. Donna Corbitt, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Serina McEntire, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lynda Ott, Assistant Professor

College of the Arts

Art Department

Dr. Cindy Hasio, Assistant Professor
Ms. Abigail Heuss, Assistant Professor
Mr. Mark Stafford, Temporary Instructor
Dr. Glenda Swan, Assistant Professor

Communication Arts

Ms. Ruth Brandvik, Assistant Professor
Dr. Nicole Cox, Assistant Professor
Mr. Michael Hadary, Temporary Instructor
Mr. Ree Seminole, Temporary Instructor

Music Department

Dr. Sarah Cain, Temporary Instructor
Mr. Daniel Rowland, Lecturer

Langdale College of Business Administration

Accounting & Finance
Mr. Alfred McDonald, Temporary Instructor
Ms. Ning Wang, Assistant Professor
Mr. Mark Wills, Temporary Instructor


Dr. Gary Hackbarth, Assistant Professor
Dr. Marko Horn, Assistant Professor
Mr. Jonathan Krispin, Assistant Professor
Mr. Ryan Schmidt, Assistant Professor

Master of Library Information Science Program

Dr. Xiaoai Ren, Assistant Professor

Valdosta State University’s 2013-2019 Strategic Plan represents a renewal of energy and commitment to the foundational principles for comprehensive institutions.

Implementation of the plan’s five goals, along with their accompanying objectives and strategies, supports VSU’s institutional mission and the University System of Georgia’s mission for comprehensive universities.

The story above demonstrates VSU's commitment to meeting the following goals:

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Goal 3: Promote student, employee, alumni, retiree, and community engagement in our mission.

Goal 4: Foster an environment of creativity and scholarship.

Goal 5: Develop and enhance Valdosta State’s human and physical resources.

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