June 17, 2013

Honor Student Kaitlyn Parham wants to experience all college-life has to offer

VALDOSTA -- Coming from a graduating class of about 43 people where she felt like the “big fish in a small pond,” Eatonton native Kaitlyn Parham described her first few days as a freshman at Valdosta State University as “quite an experience.”

“It is definitely very different from the small private school that I came from in Eatonton,” said Parham. “It’s much bigger and fast pace. Nonetheless, my transition has been smooth. My first semester definitely showed me what I was capable of as a student.”

Parham is one of 52 freshmen who entered into the Honors College during fall 2012 with honors scholarships awarded by the VSU Foundation. The scholarship was awarded based on ACT/SAT scores and cumulative high school grade-point average.

“There are several perks to being a part of the Honors College, which include getting my first pick of classes and the feel of community that surrounds you,” said Parham. “There are several people to help you transition and get your school work complete. And we have classes and live with the same people so there are several opportunities to make friends and create study groups.”

Currently a marketing major, Parham plans to change her major to early childhood education.

“I had trouble making a decision between marketing and education in the first place,” she said. “However, I decided to change my major after visiting some elementary schools near my hometown and chatting with some kindergarten teachers. From that experience, I decided that teaching young children is what I am supposed to do.”

Honors students have a global experience requirement, which can be fulfilled in a variety of ways, such as taking nine credit hours of a foreign language, participation in a study abroad program or other approved activities. Parham has expressed interest in completing nine hours of Spanish and possibly studying abroad in a Spanish speaking country.

As a rising sophomore, Parham is excited about getting more involved on campus. 

“I have looked into the American Sign Language club and I’m currently fulfilling the requirements to become a resident assistant.”

The mission of the Honors College is to provide for the stimulation of academically motivated students and encourage meaningful connections between disciplines, innovative and unusual approaches to subject matter and a reliance upon experiential learning and global awareness that are fully integrated into the course content and lead to opportunities for strong undergraduate research and creative endeavors . The Honors College also provides extra-curricular opportunities for students to broaden themselves through lectures, service opportunities and other forms of activity that relate to their education.