February 1, 2013

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

VSU, VHS, LHS Perform in Titletown Jazz Concert on Feb. 7

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University’s New Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble will join forces with the jazz ensembles at Valdosta High School and Lowndes High School at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7, for the Titletown Jazz Concert. The event will be held in Whitehead Auditorium. Admission is free and open to the public.

“In July 2008, Valdosta was named Titletown USA in a nationwide poll sponsored by ESPN’s Sportscenter,” said David Springfield, director of jazz studies and assistant professor of jazz piano at VSU. “This honor was based on the large number of athletic championships achieved by all the Valdosta area academic institutions. The Titletown Jazz Concert serves as a showcase for the outstanding local jazz programs and also celebrates this exciting and unique American art form.”

Each ensemble will perform three to four selections of music.

Whitehead Auditorium is located on the first floor of VSU’s Fine Arts Building, at the intersection of Brookwood Drive and Oak Street.

Contact David Springfield at (229) 333-5805 or daspring@valdosta.edu for more information about the Titletown Jazz Concert or VSU’s Jazz Studies Program.

VSU Jazz Ensemble

• Director: David Springfield

• Saxophones: Fernando Chavez, Landan Frazier, Nick Johnson, Brennan Short, John Pope

• Trombones: Brian Dodd, Jacob Johnson, Joshua Watford, Zach Jones (bass)

• Trumpets: Brian Summerlin, Sage Kahn, Brittany Loftin, Eduardo Farias

• Rhythm: John Neely (guitar), Jessica Holmes (piano), Trent Harper (bass), Anthony Bussey (drums), Travis King (drums)


VSU New Jazz Ensemble

• Director: Joren Cain

• Saxophones: Rodney Singleton, Lea Bisanz, Zane Bennett, Gabe Burns, Akil Johnson, Mario Thompson

• Trombones: Justin Long, Chandler Hill, Devin Driskell, Anthony Troupe (bass)

• Trumpets: Alex Washington, Chris Ward, Jordan Beasley, Evan Rentz

• Rhythm: Michael Foster (guitar), Courtney Allen (piano), Joshua Rivers (piano), John Tyler (bass), Tyrone Tarplin (drums)


LHS Jazz Ensemble

• Director: Jon Bowman

• Saxophones: Erin Jones, Nikole Miller, Matt Moss, Matt Bolen, Nick Vega

• Trombones: Ansley Parrish, Jeremiah Dyson, Lucinda Crawford, Kiersten Kuhaneck

• Trumpets: David Deacon, Aaron Taylor, Tiara Battle, Daroslyn Waters

• Rhythm: Sarah Hatton (guitar), LaRae Seeman (piano), Tristan Skipetis (piano), Wes Roberson (bass), Bryce Atkinson (drums)


VHS Jazz Ensemble

• Director: Andrew Hill

• Saxophones: David Gaines, Savannah Bell, Caleb Shearer, Seven Woods, Reed Bailey, Sierra Lewis (clarinet)

•Trombones: Kreshon McDowell, Ethan Brown, Nikole McLeish, Tyler Fuks

• Vocalists: Mia Edgerton, Faith Emmanuel

• Trumpets: Joseph Prince, Brandon Deatcher, Charles Johnson, Chandler Haire

• Rhythm: Milo Mirate (piano), Paige Norton (bass), Samuel Christopher (drums)

• Sousaphone: Chris Carter