February 7, 2013

Training Course Helps Groom Entrepreneurs

“The mechanics of running a business are really not very complicated when you get down to essentials. You have to make some stuff and sell it to somebody for more than it cost you. That’s about all there is to it, except a few million details.”

–John L. McCaffrey.

With this in mind, Valdosta State University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is providing entrepreneurial training classes for area business owners once a month for the remainder of the year. The next Starting a Business training course will be held Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. in Thaxton Hall, room 101 on North Campus.

“The class is beneficial to any person who is thinking of starting their own business because it gives them a great overview of what it really takes to make it happen,” said Stan Crance, program coordinator for VSU’s SBDC. “It is a great starting point for them, and can also be a reality check that makes them understand the actual amount of work that goes into starting a business. They can’t just go rent out a building, buy inventory, start selling and make a profit. It’s way more than that.”

The class includes five steps: business feasibility, financing, operating legally, building a team and pulling it all together. The information covers the relevance of the business and realistic financial goals.  Participants also go over several reasons that businesses fail.

“We really try to educate them on all the important things that they need to know, answer any questions they have and send them off in the right direction,” said Crance. “We let them know who they need to contact as far as making sure they get a lawyer, accountant, insurance professional and banker.”

Participants also learn the basics of crafting a solid business plan that defines business objectives and the direction.

Registration for Starting a Business is $69 per person. For a complete schedule of this year’s courses and to register online, visit http://www.valdosta.edu/sbdc.