November 26, 2012

Sara Lynn McCall

Valdosta State Retiree Association Members Attend GA-HERO Meeting

VALDOSTA - Members of the Valdosta State Retiree Association recently attended a meeting of the Georgia Association of Higher Education Retirees Organization (GA-HERO), at the Georgia Archives building in Morrow, Ga. The meeting was sponsored by Clayton State University.

Valdosta attendees included Dr. Mary Margaret Richardson, Dr. Dennis Bogyo, Dr. Richard Saegar, Dr. Dennis Marks, Dr. Patricia Marks and Judy Hart. During the meeting, representatives from various colleges and universities in Georgia shared information about their respective programs and activities.

The purpose of the network GA-HERO is to create awareness that campus-based retiree organizations are beneficial to both retirees and the campuses on which they are based and foster the development and sharing of ideas, current research, information, advocacy and best practices among its members.

The group will meet twice a year, once in the fall and once in spring.

For more information about the VSU Retiree Association, call 229-333-5709 or visit .