March 5, 2012

Sara Lynn McCall Graduate Assistant

Daylight Savings Time

VALDOSTA -- Daylight Savings Time will fall on March 11 at 2 a.m. so don’t forget to reset your clock an hour forward to enjoy longer evenings. VSU’s staff of Environmental & Occupational Safety has also provided some helpful tips for your Spring Break travels. Make sure and get plenty of rest before getting on the road, and make a “car emergency kit” with items such as jumper cables, flashlights and first aid necessities.

Here are several warning signs that you should stop and rest:
Head nodding
Rubbing eyes or constantly yawning
Not able to focus or blinking of eyes
Daydreaming or not remembering the last few miles
Hitting rumble strips or swerving out of your lane

Here are more tips for your Spring Break travels:
-Let your family members or friends know how you are traveling, when you are leaving, your destination, and when you will return.
-For those of you traveling outside of the country, make sure to become familiar with the laws and customs specific to the area.
-Don’t pack expensive valuables that could be stolen, and don’t travel alone especially at night. Make sure and leave any identifying information locked away out of plain sight.
-If you are bringing magazines, make sure to tear off your address label, and if you are traveling by air, rail or bus, do not have your name and address visible on your luggage.

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break!

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