February 28, 2012

HIstory Department Recognizes Students for Research

The College of Arts and Sciences congratulates students and recent graduates from the History Department for having research papers accepted for presentation at various meetings and conferences. A total of 14 research papers from the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Arts (M.A.) programs were accepted.

National Phi Alpha Theta 2012 Biennial Convention
Five papers were featured at the Phi Alpha Theta 2012 Biennial Convention held Jan. 3-7 in Orlando. Four of these papers were prepared as a result of the Summer Archival Field Experience led by Dr. John Dunn last summer. Papers and students include:

Josh Butler (M.A.) - “A Racial End to Political Violence: The Manhunt Following the Camilla Massacre”

Emily Crews (M.A.) - “Correcting the Follies of the Sulfa Drug Era: Col. Edward Churchill’s Role in the Transformation of Wound Care”

Bill Gay (B.A.) - “Fitting In: Karl B. Bretzfelder and the Transition to the Army Medical Corps, 1917”

Matt Portwood (B.A.) - “The Language of War: U.S. Army Chinese Language Training in Republican Era China”

Becky Spivey (B.A.) - “Dark Island in a White Sea: A Christian Organization’s Endeavor to Support Black Students on Predominantly White Campuses”

Georgia Association of Historians Annual Meeting
Three M.A. students presented at the Georgia Association of Historians Annual Meeting, which was held Feb. 23-25 in Macon.

Kathyrn Beasley - “Out of the Wilderness: A History of the Savannah Jewish Community and their Involvement in the Revolutionary War"

Steven McCall - “The Rise of the Anti-Masonics”

Blake Strickland - “’Except Papists’: The American Revolution's Radicalism in Regards to Catholicism in Georgia”

Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting
Four students are presenting at the Phi Alpha Theta regional meeting at Troy State University-Dothan on March 3.

Bill Gay (B.A.), “‘Trouble Busters’: The American System of Medical Evacuation in the First World War”

Steve McCall (M.A.), “Crime and Punishment in Communist China? The Theft of the Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Factory’s Efficiency Bonus in 1932”

Matt Portwood (B.A.), "From the Deep South to the Far East: Clara Sargent Shepherd and American Female Missionaries to China in the Early Twentieth Century"

Robert Rodriguez (M.A.), “Cornplanter and Iroquois Policy from the American Revolution to Canandaigua”

Southern History of Education Society Annual Meeting
Two recent graduates had papers accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Southern History of Education Society in Tallahassee on March 9 and 10.

Meghan McBride (M.A.) - “'We Demand… the Integration of the Colquitt Schools’: The Bryant High School Boycott in Colquitt County Georgia, February 1965”

Matt Portwood (B.A.) - “’This is Not the Militarist’s Way, but the Way of the Cross’: Clara Sargent Shepherd and Female Missionaries to China in the Early Twentieth Century”

The History Department recognizes the following faculty members for serving as mentors with these projects: Tom Aiello, Mary Block, John Crowley, John Dunn, Dixie Haggard, and Chris Meyers. The department also recognizes Dixie Haggard for his role in organizing both of the Phi Alpha Theta submissions and putting the students through practice sessions.

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