Freshwater Science Expert Speaks at 30th Annual Connell Lecture Program

February 1, 2012

Freshwater Science Expert Speaks at 30th Annual Connell Lecture Program


VALDOSTA -- Freshwater science expert Dr. Mark Brenner will discuss how climate and environmental change is linked to the collapse of the Maya civilization during the 30th Annual Clyde Eugene Connell Visiting Lecturing Program, scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in Jennett Hall room 1111.

Brenner is a professor of geological studies at University of Florida as well as the director of the university’s Land Use and Environmental Change Institute. He is an expert in limnology and paleolimnology, the study of historic changes in lake ecosystems.

During his lecture, Brenner will discuss his research on long-term changes and conditions of climate and environment in the lowlands of Central America and Mexico and how they are linked to the demise of the Ancient Maya culture, which existed for 2,000 years and mysteriously collapsed in the ninth century. The lecture will include information on profound droughts, agro-engineering activities in tropical forests and a detailed record of climate and environmental change in the region over the past 85,000 years.

Hosted by VSU’s Department of Biology, the Clyde Eugene Connell Visiting Lecture Program is held every year to honor the late Dr. Clyde Connell, who was a biology professor at Valdosta State. Connell is recognized for contributing greatly to the department and community, as well as serving as department head from 1962 until his retirement in 1981. The lecture program is the first endowed visiting lecturer program established at Valdosta State.

For more information, contact the biology department at (229) 333-5759.