Faces of V-State: Students Share Freshman Experience at VSU

October 19, 2011

Jessica Pope
Communications and Media Relations Coordinator

Faces of V-State: Students Share Freshman Experience at VSU

VALDOSTA -- College-bound high school seniors interested in learning more about life at Valdosta State University from a freshman’s perspective are invited to check out Faces of V-State.

A series of blogs written by four first-year VSU students, Faces of V-State can be accessed by high school seniors, their families, and others by visiting the university’s Office of Admissions website at www.valdosta.edu/admissions.

The 2012 Faces of V-State -- known simply as Katie, Kelsey, Chris, and Genevieve -- will blog about their experiences for one year.

“The purpose of the Faces of V-State is to share the freshman experience at VSU,” said Abbey Muetzel, admissions counselor. “Many high school students are curious what academics are like in a college setting and, of course, wondering what the social life consists of. We provide an insight into the lives of different freshman students through the Faces of V-State to begin to answer some of these questions.”

Every fall, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions invites newly accepted high school students to apply for the next year’s Faces of V-State. Students submit essays telling the admissions team about themselves and their future plans at VSU, and admissions counselors evaluate the essays and choose the students they feel will best represent the university.

When asked what the students are allowed to blog about through Faces of V-State, Muetzel said nothing is off limits.

“Students are encouraged to blog about their experiences moving in, academics, and social activities,” she added. “Students are also encouraged to talk about living arrangements and the adjustment to college. The Faces of V-State share their challenges while being a student along with the exciting opportunities they are experiencing. The students are not limited or censored as to what they can write about. The point of the program is to give an honest look at a student’s first year with us at Valdosta State.”

For more information about Faces of V-State, please contact Abbey Muetzel, VSU admissions counselor, at (229) 333-5791 or ammuetzel@valdosta.edu, or visit www.valdosta.edu/admissions.