Domestic Violence Awareness Events

October 6, 2011

Sara Lynn McCall Graduate Assistant, Office of Communications

Domestic Violence Awareness Events

VALDOSTA -- VSU’s Women’s and Gender Studies program will host a series of events throughout the month of October in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The goal of this eye-opening campaign is to raise awareness and stop domestic violence from happening in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.

“Each year the Women’s and Gender Studies program holds a number of events during the month of October to increase the awareness about Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence),” Dr. Tracy Woodard Meyers, WGST program director, said. “We consider ourselves feminist activist scholars so it is important that we work to end the injustices and oppressions that exist in our community, country, and world. Millions of women suffer at the hands of men who are supposed to love them. We will keep fighting to end this war on women until it is eradicated in our world.”

During the week of Oct. 4, WGST students distributed purple ribbons and information throughout VSU’s campus as part of the Purple Ribbon Campaign, which raises awareness about Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence. The purple ribbon has been adopted across the country by families and friends of victims to remember and honor loved ones who have lost their lives at the hands of a person they once loved and trusted.

Listed below are upcoming ways for the VSU community to get involved.

The Clothesline Project, Oct. 17-21
Pedestrian Mall, VSU Campus
The Clothesline Project is visual display that bears witness to the violence against women. During the public display, a clothesline is hung with shirts. Each shirt is decorated to represent a particular woman's experience, by the survivor herself or by someone who cares about her. The shirts were made by VSU students in honor of someone they know and love, including themselves.

The Handprint Project, Oct. 26-28
Pedestrian Mall, VSU Campus
The Handprint Project is a way for men to join the dialogue about violence against women. This project allows men to take a pledge to not commit or condone violence and to seal the pledge by placing their painted or cut-out handprint and name on a display board. After they do this, they are given a fact sheet on what they pledged and information on violence against women.

For more information about these events, please visit or call 229-249-4842.