Updated: E-mail Outage for VSU

August 17, 2011

Updated: E-mail Outage for VSU

Update Aug. 18

Microsoft reported that the outage which began at 3:00pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time was addressed with resolution beginning at 6:00pm and was finally resolved at 8:16pm. The outage, which affected all North American customers including our sister schools UGA and GSU, would result in some email delays that should complete delivery within the next 24 hours.

Aug. 17

At 3:00 p.m. on Aug. 17, we began receiving reports that users were unable to access VSU e-mail from either the Windows Live web site or other devices and clients. We have reported this issue to Microsoft and are working with them to determine a course of action. We apologize for the loss of productivity.

Microsoft is working on resolving the issue, but has not provided us on the estimate for the time to repair it. This issue is not specific to Valdosta State University, and other Microsoft customers are likewise being affected.

VSU Information Technology